15 Important Tips Before Selling Your Car

Selling Your Car

A lot of reasons exist as to you why you would be selling your car. Most people prefer to sell privately than to do a trade-in or sell to a dealer. Of all the reasons, the most significant is financial.

A private party is more than likely to pay you more money than a dealer or a trade-in allowance. Then again, you get a good feeling from being the person who did the sale.

The truth is that selling your car is a serious affair and there are things that you must know to get you more prepared before you sign your car off to its new owner. Here are 15 important information for you if you’re looking to sell your car –

  1. Get it cleaned up

First impressions always matter and this is not only applicable to humans but to cars too. It is important that your car is presented in top condition in order to obtain a great price. When cleaning the interior and exterior of your car, ensure that the following areas are cleaned –

  • Parts that are hard to reach
  • Knobs, as well as buttons and gear shift
  • Smell
  • Leather and cloth upholstery
  • Mats & trunk
  • The body, tires, and windows
  • Stains and scratches
  • Selling your car
  • Car battery
  • All compartments

It would be wise to take your car to a professional for cleaning and detailing services because they possess the right tools to get your car cleaned and they have the expertise to fix minor dents without costing you a fortune.

Ensure that the detailing is carried out both inside and outside. When it comes to cleaning and detailing your car for sale, thorough cleaning and detailing remain the first steps. Make sure to remove all valuables from the car and contacts checks in the glove compartment, under car seats, as well as, the trunk.


  1. Photographs

Once your car is cleaned, capture some snapshots. Do well to take pictures in a simple background and try to capture all angles from both the outside and inside. It is one thing to take pictures of your vehicle while it is another to ensure that the taking pics of carpictures have the right quality. The environment should have good lighting so that It does not make your car appear darker. Good photos are essential to selling your car!

Do not forget to capture photos of the inside when selling your car. All imperfections no matter how small or big they are should be included in the photo. If you are confused about the areas of your car to photograph, check out these suggestions below –

  • Car front
  • Side view from the driver’s area
  • All passenger sides
  • Door panels with doors open
  • Front and rear seats
  • The steering wheel
  • Tires, rims, & dashboard
  • Trunk
  • All consoles
  • Roof rails, seat belts, and special features

Do not make the mistake of highlighting the good part while leaving out the bad part because prospective buyers will lose interest once they discover these defects in person. Then again, the quality of a photo is important because prospective buyers may skip over your vehicle if the photos are sub-par.


  1. Get your car inspected

While this rule is not binding on any car seller. It is advisable that you get your car checked by a professional to guarantee its condition before you advertise. A professional inspection is ideal because it helps you to have a better perspective of what the right price for your car should be.selling your car mechanic inspection

Without an inspection, you could feel that your car is in perfect condition. But a professional has the expertise to pick out flaws which you would naturally not notice. The choice is yours here. You could either check and repair any faults or selling your car for a lesser price.


  1. Put all essentials together

All service records should be organized and compiled. These records have great value, especially, when making a sale yourself as they serve as proof that your car gets cared for at the right time.

As an addition, it is important to consider if your car’s warranty is still valid. If it is, you should consider the possibility of transferring it to the buyer. Never underestimate the importance of service records for your car. Let’s read more about selling your car …


  1. Include the extras when selling your car

Include everything that has to do with your vehicle which you accumulated throughout its histories such as manuals, as well as, handbooks, and all-important paperwork. Even if your car is not a collectible, it could be one day.

If you happen to have purchased your car newly, it came with a sticker which was attached to the window and has the details of every equipment, as well as, pricing options. Throw in that sticker too, or you can make a duplicate if it is really important.


  1. Documents compilation

Assess all documents to determine if the paperwork is completed as you would have to present this to the buyer. As an example, if your vehicle is on a loan, it is important that you get the exact payoff amount right.file folder with documents and documents

As a way of clarity, inquire from the lender what essential documents are needed for you to complete the sale of your car. Get detailed information from the lender regarding paying off the loan and the process involved in getting a clear title once you have sold your car. Get the title of your car, its registration card, and its insurance card.


  1. Legal matters

At this point, you should go on to use all available information in the preparation of a sales bill. These pieces of information would include your name, your residential address, the contact number, your identification number for your vehicle, the model of your vehicle, along with its make and year.

With regards to the mileage, you can skip that, as well as, the information of the buyer. If there are any special terms, list them. The best strategy for private sellers is to state clearly that your car will be sold in the condition that it is without any incentives or exceptions. For every state, there is a sales bill form, and it can be found online. Alternatively, you can pay a visit to the local car office to obtain the form.


  1. Get Appraised

Take your car to at least two local dealerships and request to see the manager. Next, make it known that you wish to make a car sale and try to get them to present you with an offer. With the offers that they made, you can be guided to set a bottom line while negotiating with prospective buyers.

There are some car dealerships which will provide you with an appraisal that is dependent on time and attach a binding offer to the appraisal in writing. Never make the mistake of counting solely on the appraisal of your auto repair. Endeavor to carry out some research online to give you a broader perspective on what the price of your car should be.

There are a lot of credible car websites where you can check out the prices of vehicles that are similar to yours. This will enable you to have a fair chance of getting a price that is appropriate for your vehicle. Always do this when selling your car!


  1. Set the price for your car

Now that you have carried out some research set the price for your car. There are professional sources that can provide you with automotive pricing services, and the best part is that you may not have to pay a dime to get this service.setting price

These resources can prove to be useful. They’re available to help you determine what the current price is for your car. You can carry out more research to check out the sales history with regards to vehicles that are similar to yours. This will help you to have a better idea of the best price to set for your car.


  1. It’s time to advertise when selling your car

The next step is to create an attractive advert for your car with the pictures that you captured earlier. With these pictures, you can compose an advert and post them online. The truth here remains that you have to decide what form of advertising works best.

Would you prefer an auction? Would you be more comfortable with a traditional kind of advert that has fixed prices?

You could decide to make the process smooth for buyers who live outside your area. Or, you can decide to sell your car only to individuals who can pick it up locally.

Interstate car sales are very popular today. There are lots of places where car adverts can be posted for your car. You will find vehicle marketplaces online. They’re designed to facilitate the business of online car sales by making it hassle-free. This will make selling your car a breeze!


  1. The importance of timing

This does not necessarily have to be a rule. You should note that holiday periods are usually not the best time to sell your car. A lot of people take the time off to go on a vacation or are distracted with one activity or another. It would be more advisable to wait for the holidays to pass.selling your car time management

Your car could sell based on need. Some cars have higher demand during the rainy season while other cars are demanded mostly during the summer. SUVs and Vans sell more during the winter than in the summer. The idea here is to develop an understanding of how the demand and value for cars fluctuate all around the year. That is to say that if you are looking to sell your SUV, you would most likely sell it for higher during the winter season.


  1. Know the trends

Trucks and SUVs now seem to have a lesser demand due to the rise in gas prices. Today, there are newer fuel-efficient cars, and consumers are opting for these vehicles as a way to cope with the increase in gas prices.

Then again, private sales have begun to experience growth in the sale of used cars since individuals are working out ways to spend lesser due to economic considerations.

Newer cars are now beginning to rise in value. This is probably one of the best times for drivers to cash in on their used cars while looking for an upgrade.


  1. Make a sign

It is possible that you could find a local buyer pretty quickly if people around your locality are aware that you wish to sell your car. So, prepare a sign that shows that your car is for sale and put it up each time you park your car.

The sign should be neat and very easy to read. It should, also, have the essential details about your car. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to include the car’s price and your contact number.


  1. Precautions with payment

Ensure that you receive payment before letting the new owner have your car. Do not entrust the keys or the documents to the buyer. Confirm that the money has been paid, dollars in hand!

money in handThis could mean that you have to count the physical cash orange your bank to confirm that your account has been credited. If the payment is made through cheques or drafts, ensure that they are cleared.


  1. Complete the car sale

As soon as the money has been paid, it is time to draft simple paperwork to ensure that both parties have agreed to a deal. complete car saleDefinitely, it is required of you to present the buyer with a receipt, and you should ensure that all words are appropriately written.

These are the top 15 information that every car seller should adopt as a way of guiding their car sale. For more information visit our website. Study these tips very well, and you are ready to make your car sale as smooth as ever. Now you know all there is to know about selling your car!

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