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Auto Loans for New and Used Cars

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The decision to buy a car is such a big step. However, financing the purchase of the car can be the major obstacle to that decision. Of course, there are several other financing options for buying a new or old car, but if you desire a quick response when you apply for car financing, then an auto loan like Car Loans of America is auto financing option for you.

At Car Loans of America, it is easy to qualify for a car loan. And you will be preapproved in the shortest possible time after applying for the car loan.

And as recommended by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), being preapproved to buy a car with a car loan keeps you at an advantage. You save time, energy and cash when you get preapproved for a new or old car loan.

According to CFPB, an auto loan preapproval allows you to enjoy the privilege of comparing the rates available to you, and takes off the pressure when you eventually visit the dealership so that you can concentrate on shopping for your car at the dealership.

Car Loans of America is a car loan company with an online presence. Our auto loan process for financing the purchase of a new or old car is simple and straightforward. The online application is fast and simple. It takes only a few minutes to complete the application. We will immediately get back to you with a decision.

How to Get an Auto Loan for Old and New Car

  • Find out what to expect

With our car loan calculator, you can run the numbers. The auto finance calculator helps you to see how the loan you intend to get will look like. You will be able to see an estimate of how much loan you can get, as well as the monthly payment amount and how it will fit into your budget.

  • Review your credit reports

Your credit report is a statement of your creditworthiness. Before you apply for a new or old car loan, you have to check your credit history. Irrespective of what your credit score might be, you do this check to make sure that there are no misleading errors in your credit history that will hinder you from getting the best auto loan deal.

Can You Get a Car Loan with Bad Credit?

Our application process also enables you to apply with a cosigner. A creditworthy co-borrower may help you qualify for a loan and, if approved, improve the interest rate.

At Car Loans of America, you can still apply for an auto loan even with bad credit. We do not discriminate. We accept all types of credit: whether poor, bad or no credit at all. You can also get an auto loan from us even after filing for bankruptcy.

However, to give you a better chance of being approved, you need to have a steady source of income to help you pay off the car loan. If your income is not enough to qualify you, then you will need a cosigner.

Your financial status should also guide your choice. Whether you are going for a new car or a pre-owned car, be sure that you can easily afford the payments.

Auto Loan Rates for Old and New Cars

The interest rates of our new and old car loans are fair, affordable, and competitive. In line with our vision to satisfy your specific car financing needs, our flexible auto loan process allows you to compare the rates using our auto loan calculator.

Get an Auto Loan with Car Loans of America

Once you apply, you will receive an instant preapproval that comes with no obligation. Before you visit the dealership, download and print the loan documents, go through the loan terms, and then shop for your car with the preapproval in hand.

With us, there are no limitations or restrictions, and you enjoy mild auto loan terms whether you wish to purchase a new car or a used one.

With your auto loan quote in hand, you can shop for your car as though you have the physical cash. And once you find your choice car, finalize the deal, sign off the loan agreement document, and zoom off in your dream car.