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  Saving money is one of the things people regarded as fundamentals of personal finance, some wealthy people considered saving money as useless as they believe only in investment. We cannot say they are wrong but the fact that fingers are not equal has justified that saving is important. Basically, we save to secure tomorrow; that is, we save for future which no one can predict. Saving is one way to gain financial freedom and can prepare us to fit


  Driving a brand-new car or vehicle is one of the most thrilling experiences in life, but when it comes to buying a new car, it is a whole new ball game entirely. Statistics have shown that most people change their vehicles at least once every six years which is an extended period indeed. Americans are spending a lot of money on vehicles (in 2016 alone, more than 17.5 million cars were sold) and despite the rising costs of cars


  A lot of people usually spend days researching just to ensure they get the lowest price they can get on a car, but they often ignore to look around for the best auto loan. The mistake Every car shopper that doesn’t have the financial capacity will always be vulnerable by accepting whatever deal or terms the dealer offer which might have a significantly higher interest rate than others. More so, the dealer usually mark up the interest rate on

Finding an Auto Loan during Bankruptcy

  When a financial crisis happens, a loan could be the best way to deal with the situation. Life goes on and for some people, a car is essential to that procedure. However, do you think you can get an auto loan while in bankruptcy? Well, it’s based on the type of bankruptcy your condition falls on. The two commontypes of bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Buying a Vehicle after Chapter 7 Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a case,

What is Special Financing and Could It Help Me Buy a Car?

Special financing a word which is mostly used in describing car loans for people with bad credit. It also includes people who have been through repossession or bankruptcy. There are many companies in the auto finance industry that are ready to accept applications for subprime loans. Therefore, if you have bad credit, there are some car loan lenders who will accept your financing offer to help you get back on the road. You need to know that car loans for

Should You Buy A Certified Used Vehicle?

There is no car buyer who pays a huge amount of money only to be troubled with reliability issues. Therefore, how can you make an ideal purchase? If you want to purchase a used car, you will encounter the option of selecting a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle. These vehicles are models that have passed through a comprehensive inspection and overhauled by a professional mechanic to meet manufacturer standards and come with many years of warranty. Most auto manufacturer’s offers certified

4 Ways to Avoid a Bad Car Loan

  Purchasing a vehicle can be pleasurable and sensational. But, getting a car can turn into anything. Even though the car loan procedure can be unclear and daunting. It can make the borrowers to make mistakes which may result in a bad car loan. If you have bad credit, insurance agency or dealers may like to take advantage of the situation and you may be stuck with an auto loan that may trap you in a cycle of debt. Therefore,

How Do Auto Loans Work?

  How does a car loan work? Since some people who purchase a used or new car choose financing, it’s an essential question and knowing the answer will assist you in purchasing decision. You can take a car loan with a lender in order to buy a vehicle. You need to sign the loan agreement, agree to pay the money back on installment over a period of time and according to the stipulated rules. These terms and condition include major

What Is A Lien On A Car?

If your car loan has been approved, you may encounter the term lien. However, the chances that you’ll understand what it means may not be good. A lien on a vehicle is just like a protection for the lenders and any other party. When you take a car loan, a lien will be created and it’s the legal right of the lender to repossess the car until the loan is paid back. This means if you failed to repay the

When is The Best Time to Buy a Car?

  The right time to purchase a new vehicle may be when you need it most. However, if your need for buying a car is not urgent and you want to maximize your objective, there are some dates on the calendar that will help you to know the best time to buy a car. The following are the best times of the year to visit a car dealer shop and get the best deal: Late in the Month The last

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