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Car Loans of America is dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date information regarding the auto loan industry via our car loans blog. With more than 20 years in business, we know all there is to know about car loan financing. It is our compassion and dedication to excellent service that sets us apart from other auto loan lenders. We go the extra mile when it comes to gathering and sharing information related to loans for cars. Therefore, you can rest assured you are borrowing from an agency that works for you and not the other way around.

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car loans blogsMany other lenders like to keep their clients in the dark and set up situations that are dangerous for borrowers. At Car Loans of America, this is the exact antithesis of what we aim to do. Instead, we like to inform our clients about the ins and outs of car loans so that both parties can confidently navigate the road to successful car financing. It is not in our best interest, nor yours, to initiate a situation where there is a failure to pay off a loan.

For this reason, we actively develop a blog network, detailing the latest innovations and happenings in the car loan industry. Our frequent updates cover a wide array of topics ranging from tips on buying your first car, to how to successfully pay off an auto loan. The more you read, the more you will understand why we stand as the #1 car loan lender in America!

Personal Finance Blog

We even offer useful advice for personal finance and acquiring loans despite bad credit scores. We know only too well how difficult it can be for people to access loans when their credit score is less than perfect. With all the red tape and rigmarole that comes with financing through a traditional lender, it is no wonder why more and more people are turning to subprime lenders when looking to buy a car.

finance blogWe believe that knowledge is power and want you to feel empowered during the process of financing a car purchase. We champion the disenfranchised and wish for everyone to have the same opportunity to purchase a car. There is no reason today why a person should be denied access to one of the most essential conveniences most enjoy – namely, a car.

If you have ever felt that there is no way you can afford a car or discouraged by high prices, you are in luck! We will do everything in our power to locate and secure the car of your choice through our far-reaching subprime auto loan network. Please be sure to check our blog frequently for new content and updates to our most popular articles. The more you know about financing the purchase of a car, the better you will feel when working with us to get behind the wheel of your dream car.

Coronavirus Financial Panic Debt Relief 2020

Concern due to the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic has the world over rightfully feeling anxious. Especially if you have never built up an emergency fund. Nevertheless, now is not the time to worry about the past. Conversely, now is the time to seek out emergency financing options that you can rely on in these desperate times. American Financial Stress The arrival of the Coronavirus has people panicked in a time when finances are already a stressor for most Americans. Before the pandemic,

What is a Simple Interest Car Loan?

Are you searching for an auto loan where you have permission to make similar payments monthly for a stipulated loan duration until you have fully repaid the loan? Then, what you need is a simple interest car loan. We offer the best auto loan rates in the business! If you require quick funds to assist you in a car purchase, a simple interest might be the way to go. Car loan rates have never been this low … Everything You

Credit Union Car Loan

A credit union car loan can save you a lot of money in interest and fees on your next new or used car purchase. Credit unions generally offer much lower interest rates than either banks or finance companies. Also, credit union members generally pay reduced fees or costs associated with a loan application or loan documentation. Got bad credit and looking for a loan? Car Loans Of America are here to help! If you’re already a member of a credit

What to Do If You Can’t Qualify for A Car Loan

When you need a car and you have poor credit, you have very limited options. You can purchase a car at a lot that will finance the loan for you at exorbitant interest rates, or save up and pay cash for a car. Let’s learn how to qualify for a car loan! Unfortunately, it is not always practical to rely on public transportation and there are parts of the country where you need your car to get around. Additionally, if

Auto Loan Financial Scam

It is a well-known fact by all and sundry that the auto loan business has auto loan financial scams, but there may be more to it out there than what you initially think. The risks involved are always almost the processes in thrashing out a car loan for a credit score that is low and how quickly it is to get stuck with its enormous interest rates. Things like this are what you should initially lookout for, but something more

Upside Down Car Loans

This is one of the most significant challenges encountered by the customer when dealing with a car loan. An upside-down car loan is a way in which the present loan balance is higher than the actual value of the car. We can call it underwater or stuck negative equity. Here, you owe more to the vehicle than the real worth of the vehicle. Let’s talk about upside-down car loans! What is an upside-down car loan anyways? An upside-down auto loan

Average Car Price in the US

In recent times, there has been a steady pattern in the rate at which vehicle average car price rises. Although the cost of each particular vehicle may vary concerning the type of vehicle, as well as, the carmaker the general statistics can help to provide you with more insight on what can be considered affordable and anticipation for strong future resale value if you decide to make a car purchase shortly. Thinking of Buying a Car? Ever since the time

How to Get A Subprime Auto Loan

A subprime auto loan is used to finance a purchase towards a vehicle. It’s offered to consumers with low credit scores and limited credit histories. In general, it best to look around for comparable rates when looking for the best subprime auto loans. Many subprime lenders have lowered their subprime auto loan rates making current subprime auto loan rates lower and easier to get than ever before. People with subprime credit, in the market to purchase a car may not

Rent to Own Car

Are you interested in having a car of your own and you can’t afford it at the moment? Most people today are faced with problems such just like that every day. The issue is, these consumers, in particular, aren’t aware of there options, like lease-to-own car services. Rent to own cars mean you’re going to rent for a specific time in which an agreement has been made upon between you and the rent to own car dealers. You will make

Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Planning to buy a used car? It will be important for you to schedule a pre-purchase vehicle inspection. This is where you can have a trained mechanic to inspect the car before you make a financial commitment or sign the dotted lines. You need to have a thorough understanding of the real condition of the car. It’ll help to make an informed decision. This is what a pre-purchase vehicle is meant to help you achieve. A pre-purchase vehicle inspection even

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