Branded Title

Everything you need to know about a branded title

This blog will be exploring used cars which come with a branded car title and what you need to know about them. Auto loans have continued to help individuals who are faced with emergencies and title cars have always been one of the best ways to get quick cash to tackle urgent issues that arise without having to worry about collateral or credit score.

However, if you happen to have credit that is quite questionable, we strongly advise that you steer clear of branded car title loans when you decide to get a car loan. We will explain everything you need to know about branded title cars below, so keep reading.

What we know about a branded car titlebranded car title questions

In our own experience as professionals, we are aware of the fact that lenders who give out loans for people with bad credit do not usually give out loans for used cars that have a branded title. But this does not imply that you won’t get to see buyers that continue to make title car loan payments for auto loans which have to do with a branded title vehicle.

For more than 20 years, we are at Car Loans of America have continued to witness this happen. It is for this reason that we have continued to provide professional guidance to clients who have bad credit but are searching for car loans to connect with dealers that can provide them with bad credit car title loan approvals.

the issues with a branded titleThe issues with title cars

Consumers continue to send in complaints about their situation and dealings with dishonest people. Most of the time, they get duped by independent sellers who are not honest enough with them and this is mostly because they did not go through the right channels.

Most of these transactions usually end up with negative results. Eventually, the buyers get to see that they end up with a vehicle that has issues which can be very minor or issues that can go on to become very significant such as engine failures. The worst thing that can happen is when this problem is experienced by consumers who have bad credit and happen to be on very limited finances.

What you need to know about branded title vehicles

So what is a branded title? What does branded title mean? What is a branded title for a car?branded title vehicles

These questions usually pop up from individuals who want to know what a branded title means.

Think about a scenario where a used car, as well as a new car that has no title. It then gets involved in an auto crash. Think about a situation where such a car is involved in an event which is very severe. To the extent that it causes so much damage to the vehicle such that such a car is declared a total loss. In the event that such a car gets to undergo repair, it is mandated that a branded title is issued for the vehicle.

The problem with title brands or branded titles is that a lot of financial institutions like banks and credit unions that are involved in the business of subprime auto loans have problem with financing a branded title vehicle. Well, it doesn’t just end there. You will still come across some lenders that refuse to give out loans for branded title cars.

Branded titles are usually different for every state

They mostly come in forms such as:

  • Branded Rebuilt Titlebranded titles salvage rebuild

This is mostly issued for vehicles that are tagged to be salvage but eventually got repaired and inspected. These types of branded titles simply shows that there was a time when your car was classified as a salvage vehicle.

  • Branded salvage title

This refers to a car that has suffered significant damage. It will need huge repair costs which might be anywhere from 75-100% of the original car value. For states that do not have any rebuilt brand, cars  serviced and repaired continue to possess salvage branded titles.

  • Junkbranded salvage title ideas

List kind of branded titles issued for cars which only qualified to be sold only as scrap. Such cars can also be used for their parts.

  • Fleet

Even if these vehicles do not usually come with a branded car title, there are States where the law requires that any car formerly used as a taxi, police car or for providing daily rental services, should be given the designation of a fleet vehicle.

  • Flood-damaged

This is usually issued for vehicles that suffered severe damage from water. Vehicles like these happen to be given a branded salvage title or branded rebuilt title in some States

  • Mileage unknownvehicle title branding research

This is not usually seen to be a branded title. There are States where the law stipulates that cars with an unknown mileage. It’s based on the fact that the odometer was replaced. Or, some other related issues are issued a notated title.

  • Stolen

Cars that were stolen but eventually got retrieved most times not come with a title brand. There are States where stolen vehicles that are recovered do not receive car titles. Because of the level of damage suffered by the car due to theft, vehicles like these are usually issued with different title brands. This prevents them from being resold.

The differences with branded title cars

Branded titles usually have general or particular features based on what state issued them. For example, you may find that some branded titles may come in different colors when compared to clean title cars. One of the ways to identify a branded title is to check at the top of the auto title. You can also check at the bottom of the title.

A branded car title will be given a notation which should be clearly visible when you check any of these points. This helps them to stand out from regular title cars.

Be careful of branded title vehicles

one of the best ways for you to guard against purchasing a car that suffered severe damage in the first place is to carry out checks with the vehicle’s VIN. This number should be run via the national database.

The history of the car should be pulled up and ensure that a very professional mechanic inspects the vehicle meticulously. Also, pay a visit to a specialist when it comes to vehicle body and frame. You should do all of these before you append your signature to the paperwork.

Here’s another thing to keep in mindwhat to keep in mind with branded title cars

This is very important for prospective car buyers to take note of. If you have issues with your credit and have been unable to get conventional car loans using the title of your vehicle, you now have nothing to worry about. Car Loans of America specializes in providing applicants who have issues with their credit approval or need an understanding of guaranteed financing. This means that they have a better chance of obtaining car loans.

All you have to do is make use of our online portal to fill out the car loan application form. Once you meet our requirements, you will be granted approval in no time!