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Car Loans

Car Loans

When you buy a car, you rarely have 100% of the capital needed to make the transaction. The usual way to buy a car is to apply for a credit, which allows you to cover the total cost. But for some people, given their financial history, it may not be so easy to obtain a car loan. There may be something in your credit history that has affected your credit score, and this complicates things for you. It's essential to understand the different implications of having a bad score and what alternatives you have to achieve an auto loan.

Why Does A Bad Credit Score Make It Difficult to Get a Car Loan?

The credit score is an indicator that financial institutions take great care when granting a loan. It is one of the main parameters of your behavior regarding payments and your debts in general. This index shows the probability of default of a person. That is, people who have a score below 600 are less likely to pay off their debts satisfactorily, so banks are more reluctant to entrust their capital to them.

The information used to calculate your score comes from your credit history. They don't just consider large loans, mortgages, or credit cards. They are also regarded as current or everyday debts, such as payment for services. When your debtor behavior has not been the best, it becomes almost impossible to obtain auto credit at traditional financing institutions.

What Can You Do if You Have a Bad Score?

First, you can request assistance from a credit bureau. These specialists will help you see what banks are seeing as bad with your finances. It is possible that there is an error, or that the problem is not severe, and you can solve it quickly. Once resolved, your score will improve, and you will be able to apply for credit for your car without problems.

And if the Problem Still Remains, Can't You Buy the Car?

Not necessarily. Maybe your credit score cannot be improved in the short term. Fortunately, you still have alternatives to obtain financing for your new or used car. There are extraordinary financing companies like Car Loans of America, who are willing to allow you to get your auto credit, even if your financial past has not been the best.

We're willing to help customers get their car loan even if it's their first time, or they have a terrible credit score (or no score at all). You simply have to meet several requirements, which include proof of income, proof of residency and majority of age, and some references.

Besides, Car Loans of America allows you to use alternatives such as a co-owner, or be willing to give a high down payment to increase the likelihood of getting the loan. If you want to know if you qualify for financing, apply online, providing as much information as possible, and in no time, you will know the alternatives we can provide. If you have any questions regarding our car loan options contact us; we will be happy to assist you.

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