Car Loans of America

Car Loans of America are here to provide the best car loan financing options available to people with bad credit. We know that you made have made mistakes in the past with yurt credit, but what is important to us is that you have the ability to pay for your monthly payments on your new used car. Credit rating is important, but it is not the most important thing for you to get your car loan from us, being able to show your proof of income and your ability to repay the loan is what we are looking for when we are approving you for your bad credit car loan.

We are bad credit specialists for car loans, so we work with all types of credit and we have helped many people buy the used car of their dreams. We believe just because you have bad credit does not mean you should not be able to get a great used car loan. If you have had prior bankruptcies, charge-offs, tax liens, medical bills, or whatever has handed your credit in the past, we are here to be the lender that will help you get into a new car.

Our online application and credit approval system allows us to do fast and sometimes immediate approvals depending if the client has submitted all of the supporting documents that we will need to approve your car loan.

With our fast approval and aggressive underwriting guidelines, we are confident that we can get you the best car loan possible. We work with over 30,000 dealers nationwide so within our network we will be able to get you whenever you’re living a fantastic deal on a quality used car. All of our dealers that we work with only provide the best-used cars on the market, so not only will you be getting great financing for your car laon from us you will also be able to get a quality used a car from within our network of dealers.

When we give you your pre-approval and let you know where the closest dealer to you, you will be able to negotiate the best price possible for the used car because you will already know how much you can afford and the dealer will also know that you have been pre-approved so they will be more aggressive with their pricing. This works out best for both parties, knowing how much you are approved for and the dealer knowing how much you can sell the car for.

When you come to Car Loans of America rest assured you are with one of the top auto finance companies in America and we are here to provide you with the best car loans available.

Do not let your bad credit stand in the way of you getting the car of your dreams; we are here to get you on the road again.