Forget Your Credit Score, Now You Have Everything You Need to Finance Your Dream Car!

Financing Your Dream Car

Times are changing, businesses are evolving, and many processes are becoming easier and more user-friendly. So, if you actually haven’t carried out research about auto loan rates and terms in a while, you’ll come to realize that these processes are quite different from what they were. Now the many aspects involved in acquiring and managing auto loans can easily be done on a tablet, laptop, or any device with an internet connection. You can even go as far as reaching your bank through social media platforms like Twitter. When it comes to financing your dream car, there are plenty of ways to communicate this to auto lenders everywhere!

Financing Your Dream Car Beautiful Sunset

Being a renowned provider of auto loans to even the worse of credits, we put you through the various ways technology, through the internet, has come to your rescue as a subprime borrower. Right from the moment of inception, we have been able to process quite a number of auto loans with bad credits, some of which had approved sums of more than $30,000. We’ve helped people all over the United States finance their dream car. 

With the development of internet processing and storefronts came a medium of cutting costs for not only the borrowers but also the lenders as well. This gives room for the approval of more loans. You might be wondering, “What about security?”, well, we have been able to carry out these processes with as much protection and security the mortar, bricks, and large financial institutions have promised. Financing your dream car through Car Loans of America has never been easier!

Get Fast Approvals on Bad Credit Car Loans as a First-time Buyer in All 50 States

Yes, you read that right! By simply filling out our online application, you can get fast approvals, even as a first-time buyer, with bankruptcy, no credit, poor credit, bad credit, or even low credit scores. Financing Your Dream Car isn’t so hard!

According to recent industry reports, about 56% of Americans are a part of these subprime categories, which is great news for us as we are excited to be of service to such a huge market and ecosystem. When it all boils down to buying a pre-owned truck or car, especially when your credit history is quite problematic, there’s no way you can find a more suitable and convenient way of getting offered car loans online anywhere in the world with the lowest auto loan rates possible. More than 90% of all the online applications that come our way are approved using a confidential, seamless, and fast response via email.

Get An All-round Access to an A+ Rated Lender Right From the Comfort of Your Home

As your lending partner, we make sure you never need to waste emotional energy or stress over the time you’ll spend negotiating with us in person, that’s old skool! With our A+ rating and amazing reviews from customers, you can bear witness to our standards and build trust without having to interact with us in person.

So, Why Should You Go With An Internet Lender?

The list of things you stand to gain by using an internet lender is endless. You get to manage your loans from anywhere in the world, at any time. However, you can also:

  •    Manage transactions and payments using your mobile device, tablet or Laptop.
  •    Access your statement whenever you want to and save it in PDF format so you can print it.
  • Financing Your Dream Car
  •    Organize your profile and update it at any time to change or move your login details
  •    Manage and schedule future payments, set up auto-pay, and carry out one-time payments.

Think about it; you get all of this without having to step out of your comfort zone or trying to negotiate in a car dealer’s not-so-spacious office space. Now, that’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on!

How’s Internet Lending Better the Car Dealer Next Block?

The truth is, car dealers would want to try and persuade you that there’s no easier or more convenient way but to finance through them. But think about it – you have two or more salespeople trying to pressure you into financing with them. Is that moment the right time to make a long-term financial decision? Definitely not! Also, think of this, an auto dealer would make you feel like, by offering car financing, he or she is doing you a huge favor.

When it comes to someone with bad credit or even one with a proper credit getting car loans, it shouldn’t have to be so much of a hassle or stress. With the loan already taken care of before you even have to see the four corners of the dealers’ office, you are freed from unnecessary drawbacks and you finally focus on other pressing matters like rebates, trade-in prices, other dealer incentives, and new car prices. Pre-approved financing gives buyers the opportunity to negotiate the rebate and, if they want to, use the rebate as a down payment. You have those buying muscles, flex them!

Finance Your Dream Car Seamlessly With Us

Unlike the traditional auto dealers, we don’t have a butt load of requirements that you need to match up with. We take pride in specializing in bad, poor, and fair auto loans so we tend to keep strict requirements. This way, the loan still remains easy and flexible enough to give room to a large number of approved applications and doesn’t become a pain in the behind of the borrower. This is how Financing Your Dream Car is possible!

We are not phased when we see a bankruptcy on a credit report. In actual sense, this shows up in the credit histories of millions of people around the world. Currently, the economy is going through a recovery phase, so it won’t be so much of a surprise when these bankruptcies begin to drop off. These borrowers need us now, and we are right here to help them out!

Financing Your Dream Car; What Are Our Requirements?

We have strict requirements and are ready to approve any online application where the borrower in question has:

  •    U.S. or Canadian residency with proof
  •    A gross monthly income of $1,500 with a credit score of below 625
  •    Proof of being 18 years or older
  •    Proof of completion of the 341 Meeting of Creditors, only if the credit report has a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  •    A trustee’s Authorization to Incur Debt if the credit report has a Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  •    A proof that shows intent to purchase a car from authorized licensed auto dealers

All you have to do is fill out our online application, scan this documentation, and that’s all! It would only take a few minutes to fill out your application online. With Car Loans of America, financing your dream car is as easy as 1,2,3! 

Active and Retired Duty Military Can Now Get Subprime Auto Loans

We not only bring smiles to the faces of the general public we also extend our services to the military. We serve armed force members who have put their life on the line to protect us and keep us safe. These individuals go through hardships that are beyond battle lines; they have to struggle with relocations, medical issues, unreachability, and so much more. With all these being a factor, developing and maintaining substantial credit is usually a big issue. Because someone is military personnel doesn’t mean the nature of their duties has to be a burden to them.

With impeccable and experienced financial professionals, these inevitable circumstances are put into consideration when making calculations for loan terms and rates, and approvals. Our awesome terms and rates will definitely leave military applicants petrified.

When Financing Your Dream Car, How Do You Know You Qualify For a Loan?

No matter how bad you think your credit score might be, you might still have enough to qualify for a loan with us. Here’s a list of credits that will help you find out if you do qualify for a loan or not:

  •    499 and below: Think that’s too low? Well, as low as this score might seem, you still stand the opportunity of being extended some credit. However, you would need to provide some more details.
  •    500 to 580: Yes, this is still quite low but guess what?! With a little more information, you can still financing your dream car credit historybe extended credit.
  •    580 to 619: With this score, you technically fall in the “poor” category. But, while you still aren’t entirely in the “bad” category, you are at the holding tight at the edge if you happen to fall within this range.
  •    620 to 679: This range is usually tagged the “fair” or “okay” category. While 620 can be referred to as a “par” credit score, the closer your rating is to 679, the better.
  •    680 to 699: Have a credit rating within this range? You have automatically placed the “Fair/Good” category. One of the things that make little difference to lenders is usually that one point that differentiates excellent, very good, and good.
  •    700 and above: With a credit rating within this “very good to excellent” category, we will definitely not have any issues extending you a loan to finance your dream car.

Use Bad Credit Loan To Upgrade Your Credit Rating

You read that right! We can use bad credit loans to finance your dream car and to build your credit ratings. A number of borrowers are witness to this – they come in as a bad credit borrower, pay as at when due, and then climb up the rating ladder from poor to fair to good, and then to excellent. We can make you one of the beneficiaries of this awesome opportunity.

How? Well, the easiest way to be a participant is to pay the full amount as at when due, every time. This shows us how reliable you are. Also, one thing you would want to take note of is that once there’s a climb in your credit rating, you can lower your payments by simply refinancing at a lower rate.

Why You Need To Upgrade Your Credit Rating When Financing Your Dream Car

You might be wondering why you need to build your credit rating when you can easily get an auto loan with bad ratings. Well, the extent of your worries go beyond just an auto loan, right? Financing your dream car requires extensive research and good credit.

The sad truth is, bad credit rating can cause complications in many areas of your life, so there are a number of good reasons you need to start working towards improving your credit score.

  •    Insurance

Imagining talking about auto insurance rates with a friend of yours. Even though both of you are the same age, have similar records, and even live in the same neighborhood. You realize that you are spending a lot more than he is for coverage. Why is this happening? Well, the answer isn’t far-fetched. Your credit score is most possibly the reason.

  •    Buying a House or Renting an Apartment

Let’s say you can’t purchase a house because of your history of poor credit, and you decide to instead rent an apartment. After all, you wouldn’t need to stress yourself with any yard work. But you would want to note that almost all rental agencies and prospective landlords carry out credit checks on their potential tenants. Have bad credit? Then they might need you to get a cosigner or just put up a more substantial deposit. Or worst-case scenario, your application gets turned down entirely.

  •    Jobs and Employers

You’ve been searching for a job, and you’ve put in your application for a number of positions where you have all the right qualifications and more. You also have awesome referees and take interviews excellently, but in the end, you still keep getting turned down. You might not want to believe it but your credit score might just be the issue. Even though employers require written authorization to do so, a number of them review the credit report of applicants that come through their door. A bad credit rating in the eyes of an employer simply means you are not reliable or might not be focused at work because of your financial struggles. This is especially for government jobs or jobs where you come in direct contact with money. 

  •    Smart Phones

finance your dream car online or with a smart phoneA lot of people want to use the greatest and latest smartphones. They’re up-to-date technology and are you looking to be offered great deals on their service plan. If you are one of these people then you might want to improve that credit score because a number of cell phone companies go through their customer’s credit score before offering them a service plan. With a bad credit ranking, you might be required to either pay extra for your contract or put down a larger down payment. Also, you might not get good deals on new phone upgrades or purchases.

Finally, You Can Finance Your Dream Car!

You do not need to limit yourself to using an ancient car just because you have a low credit score. See that car you have been dreaming about? Wondering how to finance your dream car? Consumers can not only purchase it but now you can also widen your options. You can get exciting cars by filling out our online car loan applications. Getting bad credit auto loans in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas through us is easier than ever. Financing your dream car can dramatically change your life, especially with Car Loans of America! Learn more at