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Car Loans of America is the number one auto lender providing affordable car loans in Chicago and auto financing for a car purchase.

We provide same-day approval for potential car buyers of all credit types. At Car Loans of America, we offer bad credit auto loans in Chicago that are tailored to suit the needs of consumers who’ve found themselves in a financial bind.

Our online auto loan application is quick and easy with approval in just minutes of application submission!

If you are in Chicago and in need of a car loan then you definitely need bad credit auto loans in Chicago from Car Loans of America.

Over time we have come to the realization that a lot of people living and working in Chicago need cars. But they are unable to purchase one due to their bad credit.

This is one of the reasons why Car Loans of America’s bad credit auto loans in Chicago is here to help curb this.  We offer the opportunity to buy a car in Chicago amidst their dwindling or in existent credit scores

Looking for funds to purchase a new or used car but have very bad credit?  That’s not a problem because our car financing company will give you the funds to buy that car. All you have to do is apply and get approval within minutes.

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Car Loans of America’s Main Focus

A lot of money lending companies are usually quite skeptical about giving loans to individuals with credit scores lower than 500 and if they do give out these loans, they raise the interest rates to levels where it is almost impossible to pay.

At Car Loans of America, our main focus is bringing these groups of individuals into our company. We offer fantastic bad credit auto loans in Chicago deals equipped with payment plans that are easy to follow.

Bad credit situation?

What’s more, the interest rates are very affordable and easy to understand. Sounds too good to be true? Visit us at Car Loans of America and learn more on how you can easily become a car owner in a week or less despite your bad credit situation.

Car Loans of America’s bad credit car loans Chicago are suited to meet the financial needs of all credit tiers. 

Car Loans of America focuses on giving out direct bad credit car loans Chicago to everyone who needs it with individuals who have bad credit scores as the priority.

Whether you want to buy a new car, renew your auto loan or even purchase a used car, Car Loans of America is well-equipped with all the necessary resources to ensure your goal is accomplished in no time.

Our bad credit car loans Chicago process is quick, straightforward and very hassle-free. All you have to do is fill out the necessary online application, and you can be at any car dealership picking out the car of your choice immediately we approve your loan.

You might be curious to know how all of this works, not to worry, we will explain every little step.

Car Loans of America’s bad credit auto loans in Chicago – what is it?

The bad credit car loans Chicago offered at Car Loans of America is basically a standard auto loan that customers who have bad credits can use to finance their car payments.

The name is basically self-explanatory as you can easily tell that it is specifically designed for individuals with bad credit who are in need of a car in Chicago.

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Car Loans of America is more than just a money lending service. It is a direct loan system that is focused on making the loaning process very fast, easy and accessible for individuals with bad credit.

Once you are able to get bad credit auto loans in Chicago amidst your credit score situation, it becomes very easy for you to get a car from any dealership of your choice.

This program definitely comes as a huge relief for people with bad credit in Chicago. They spend a lot of time chasing money lending companies.

These companies discard their application for loans the instant they realize their credit situation. With Car Loans of America, you have an amazing platform to get the car you need and at affordable interest rates.

You get a payment plan that keeps your head above water when it comes to your finances. We are just one click away, apply now and thank us later.

How do we work with your bad credit?

 Car Loans of America bad credit car loans is here to help people with bad credit with their car loans. We definitely have a procedure with which we accomplish this goal.

Our procedure is straightforward and we ensure that everyone with bad credit can get a car loan. With Car Loans of America’s bad credit car loans Chicago, no one has turned away. We take the time to see to it that all our clients are happy in the end.

A lot of other auto loan companies focus on the credit scores of a client before giving out a loan or determining how much interest a particular client should pay and this is why a lot of people with bad credit are grossly unable to get car loans in Chicago.

However, at Car Loans of America, this is not the case. Instead of focusing on a client’s credit scores, we take a look at the employee status of a client before giving out loans. Is the client currently employed? Is there proof of income?

Etc. once these factors are ascertained, then we go ahead to give out the car loan to the client. You might be concerned as to whether or not our interest rates are based on the income status of the client but this is definitely not the case.

Our Focus

Car Loans of America is focused on making the lives of our clients with bad credit a lot easier and we will get you an instant approval ,for you to buy a car from one of our dealers, within our network.

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Seems a little too good to be true right? you can take a look at our testimonials to see what our clients are saying about us.

We have been able to build a strong and very positive reputation in a very short period of time and we plan on continuing in the same modus operandi. Don’t wait too long now, take the step and fill out that application today.

How do people end up with very bad credit?

This is a very common question that a lot of people do not have clear answers to. Most times bad credit can occur as a result of a series of a bad financial decision or economic influences.

Bad credit basically occurs when an individual fails to pay up for an item or service. This debt is reflected in the person’s financial records and once accumulated, affects the overall credit score of the individual.

In America, credit bureaus like Equifax are in charge of handling and keeping the credit records of individuals. They collect the information they need from institutions like schools, hospitals, and other financial institutions and put this information together to produce the credit score of an individual. 

What’s Next?

Once these credit bureaus gather all the financial information that exist for an individual, they make use of a system known as FICO to calculate the overall credit score of the said person.

Credit scores usually range from 0-850 with scores from 300 and above being good credit while scores ranging from below 300 as bad credit. So, money lending companies usually look out for this information when giving out loans and once they realize a potential client has a credit score of 300 or less, they reject the application.

This, however, is not the case with Car Loans of America as we exist to help clients with this credit score bracket get great bad credit auto loans in Chicago.

How to get a car in Chicago with bad credit

If you are living and working in Chicago then you are definitely in need of a car. Car Loans of America bad credit car loans is here for individuals in Chicago who can’t get an auto loan because of their bad credit scores.

Car Loans of America makes it so easy to get an auto loan. Customers do not even have to leave their homes or office to apply for one. They can easily do that online in just a few minutes.


Once you decide that you want a car, you have to settle on the kind of car you want. Do you want a brand new car? A used car? Or you want to renew your auto loan?

Whichever it is, Car Loans of America is readily available to ensure you get it. You also have to consider factors like your finances when getting a car, also if you want a used car, what are the maintenance costs like?

What is the efficiency? Mileage? Etc. these questions can be easily answered if you go to a car dealer who is straightforward and honest. Not to worry, Car Loans of America has a lot of honest car dealers that work with us and we recommend them to clients all the time.

Understand the Process

Now after deciding on the kind of car you want, it’s time to figure out how to finance the process. Most people need finances to pay for brand new cars from scratch.

Others may need a loan to support the amount they already have for the car. Whatever the case, Car Loans of America has you covered.

We offer bad credit car loans Chicago to people to purchase brand new cars, used cars, etc. All Car Loans of America bad credit car loans Chicago are direct loans. This basically means that our loan process doesn’t need the services of a middleman.

We deal with all our clients directly. This lets our client save the money they would have used to hire a middleman. Thus making the entire process with Car Loans of America a lot more affordable for them.

The Next Step

We will settle the financing details and approve your bad credit auto loans in Chicago. Then, you can go ahead to get your car from any auto dealership of your choice.

If you are unaware of any car dealers in Chicago, Car Loans of America has an extensive list. Our trustworthy car dealers will give you a car with your loan documents.

Car Loans of America walks with you every step of the way.  Our customer care representatives are highly skilled, professional and knowledgeable enough to answer any questions.

Learn about Car Loans of America bad credit auto loan s in Chicago terms and APR

There are a lot of technicalities that are involved in getting bad credit car loans Chicago. Car Loans of America tries to explain these terms to our clients as clearly as possible.

Bad credit car loans Chicago APR

 This is basically the interest charged on top of the original value of the loan. This includes all additional charges that may have been incurred during the loan process. Car Loans of America makes sure that we offer very low interest or APR rates to our clients.

With the removal of the middle entity from our process, we are able to achieve this goal and offer great loans 

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Chicago Terms

This refers to the time stated for a loan to be paid back. Loan terms are usually short or long and affect the total amount of money paid back in the end.

Long term loans usually mean that clients pay back a smaller amount of money in a long period of time. Short term loans mean the client pays back more money in a short time.

Car Loans of America policies are very flexible. They are usually tweaked to favor our clients. We negotiate all terms of bad credit car loans with our clients and figure out the best approach for them. This is a way to make our loan terms more customer-friendly to ensure that they can conveniently payback.

What are the benefits of Car Loans of America bad credit auto loans in Chicago?

Car Loans of America’s bad credit car loans Chicago has a wide range of benefits. They range from affordability, time friendliness, flexible terms and conditions, easy application process, no middle man, 24-hour availability, to just being a very trustworthy company.

With over a hundred bad credit car loans given out in Chicago already and in other states in the country, you are definitely eligible for a car loan and who else to work with than Car Loans of America?

We are honest, straightforward and willing to work with your bad credit. So if you are in Chicago, in need of a car and you have bad credit, just fill out the application form and you will have a car in no time. Our bad credit auto loans in Chicago will benefit you tremendously!