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Car Loans of America is available to help those with bad credit acquire our bad credit car loans Orange County California. Need finance to buy that new or used car but have bad credit? All you have to do is apply. We will give you the funds that you need to get a bad credit auto loan in Orange County California.

We are the best car financing company with the most efficient approval system.

Any place that has all the fancy and amazing characteristics that Orange County has would always be the choice spots and destinations for investors and tourists. The drawback to living in such a busy county though is the fact that there may be competitions for basically everything on offer. The cities would be busy, and to stay on top of things, it is important to have a car of your own. As opposed to being at the mercy of the public transport system.

Bad Credit Car Loans Orange County California Lenders

The public transport system is very good. But it might not be sufficient for someone who wishes to stay on top of things and sort businesses out quickly. A car gives you the leverage to manage your schedule and explore every opportunity around the county. No matter where it is.

Getting a car isn’t as easy as it used to be though. Even in a busy county like Orange. Where there is extreme competition which has driven up prices. The best bet to getting a car might be by taking a bad credit auto loan in Orange County California from one of the credit granting facilities in the county.

What are Bad Credit Car Loans?

Car Loans of America’s bad credit car loans Orange County California are the kind of car facilities given to individuals with poor or negative credit ratings. The bad credit auto loan in Orange County California are given by the credit granting agencies to individuals who ordinarily might not be able to get these loans from other sources because of their past records. These past records might include former defaults in paying back loans, bankruptcy, or lack of enough cash flow to finance any kind of loan obligations.

The truth is bad credit loans are risky and are much more prone to default than most types of loans.

How Does an Individual End up with Negative Credit Ratings?

Poor or negative credit ratings come from the past activities of an individual with the various lending and financial institutions. As well as other social services in the country. An individual’s credit rating is calculated by the Credit Bureaus in the United States. This is calculated by collating your data from the various financial and social services firms you have come in contact with in the past. Officials of the credit bureaus go to banks to inquire about your records.

As it concerns the loans you have taken in the past, did you pay or did you not pay?

When you did pay, was it at the appointed time or you had to be dragged and hounded before paying? Other financial information like bankruptcy and any other financial mishaps that might have befallen the individual in the past are collected and filed. Also, the individual’s records with hospitals and other social services are collected by the various Credit Bureaus.

All of this information about the individuals are then gathered and used to rate the creditworthiness of the individual. In America, the credit rating number is between 0-850.

Low Credit

If anyone falls below the 300 rating. Most of the financial institutions may decide not to work with such an individual when it comes to granting loans and advances. They believe such ratings are poor and may increase the probability of the loan being a defaulted loan. It is advisable that individuals make it a point of duty to check out their credit ratings from the various Credit Bureaus as they tend to make some simple mistakes sometimes in collecting their data.

A poor or negative rating is a big deal in the America of today and it could taint your image. If you could find a way to avoid these negative and poor ratings then, you should endeavor to do so.

Bad Credit Car Loans Orange County California and How They  Work

bad credit car loans Orange County California regionIt has already been established that most financial and lending institutions in America are refusing to work with individuals with poor and bad credit ratings. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Some of these institutions are still giving people with bad credit scores a chance to take loans. One of such institutions is Car Loans of America.

Car Loans of America is a financial institution that specializes in giving direct automobile loans to individuals with a bad credit score. They have a huge presence in Orange County and are committed to providing our bad credit car loans Orange County California.

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Bad Credit Score Risk

Here at Car Loans of America are smart about giving out a bad credit auto loan in Orange County California. They are well aware of the risks that come with it. What they have done in giving out their own auto loans is to look beyond only the individual’s credit ratings. They look into other factors like employment status, proof of earnings and expected cash inflow of the individual in question.

This is to help them to determine if he/she would be able to pay the advance. The interest rate of their loans is one of the lowest ever and they have created a system for easier repayment.

There are a lot of technicalities put in place by Car Loans of America to make for a smooth loan system. Before the loan is granted, all conditions involved with the loan are explained. Things like interest rates and the tenor of the loan as well as the payback period are discussed extensively. For Car Loans of America, there are basically two types of car loans being granted to its clients. They are:

Bad Credit Auto Loan in Orange County California Types

  • Short Term Loans: For short-term loans, applicants should be ready to pay back over a short period of time. The time frame is usually between 6 months and a year. This means the interest accrued would be reduced but the beneficiary of such loans must be ready to pay a considerably high amount of lump sums at intervals over a short period of time to offset the credit facility.
  • Long Term Loans: With long-term loans, the tenor is usually longer. This is the beneficiary of such bad credit auto loans in Orange County California must be ready to pay a higher accrued interest rate over a long period of time. This gives the advantage of being able to pay a considerably lower amount of money to offset the facility until it is paid up.

There is a provision for varied loan tenors. This is so that individuals would be able to choose the kind of loan tenor that suits their financial needs. It also helps borrowers decide which would be easier to pay back as and when due!

Interest Rates

Car Loans of America interest rates are exciting for car owners. This is especially true in terms of Car Loans of America’s bad credit car loans Orange County California. This is also very important to take into account the interest that would accrue to the loan facilities that you have taken. The interest rate in the past has been the difference between being able to pay back loans and defaulting. In calculating the annual repayable lump sum, we factor in the interest of the bad credit auto loan in Orange County California. A high-interest rate means you will repay a higher amount.

With Car Loans of America, the interest rates are exceptionally low. This has gone a long way helping people who have taken their bad credit auto loan in Orange County California facilities in the past to pay back without all the stress.


With Car Loans of America we rank highly in the book of many applicants is its will to stand by its clients until they get their car. Some credit granting agencies just provide the loans and let you go on and do the other things like buying your car on your own.

You may want to know the right specifications for you. It is possible you don’t even know the engine mechanisms of the car you want, how to service it and where to get the best deals.

All of these conundrums could be very difficult to solve without the right partner around you. Car Loans of America has anticipated all of these on your behalf and have provided ready-made solutions without you asking. Car Loans of America has developed a lot of partnership with leading car dealers in the past. That partnership has been leveraged for the advantages of their clients and they continue to do so now.


What happens when a client gets approval for his/her bad credit auto loan in Orange County California? Car Loans of America immediately helps in connecting such client to the right car dealer that would provide his/her choice automobile. Since this is a partnership that goes way back. The clients would obviously have rest of mind that they are getting the right cars for their needs.

Also, know that should any issues arise with the mechanisms of the car. They have the right partner in Orange County to help sort out such issues with the dealers without much fuss.

With Car Loans of America, applicants can relax because they are well and truly covered in every aspect. This is particularly true when it comes to our bad credit car loans Orange County California. 

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How to Get Bad Credit Car Loans Orange County California

Getting our bad credit car loans Orange County California from Car Loans of America in Orange County is easy. Car Loans of America has simplified the loan application for everyone. The following steps are what is needed to get the car loan.

  1. Visit the Car Loans of America website and open their bad credit auto loan in Orange County California form.
  2. Fill in every single detail in the form and submit after completion.
  3. Wait for us to process your information and approve i.
  4. We will invite you to the Car Loans of America office in your town or city after the approval. Here we will discuss all the details and technicalities of the loan facilities.
  5. After the agreement, the next thing is to get your car and start enjoying it.

Car Loans of America’s bad credit car loans Orange County California is easy and effective. You can do it from the comfort of your home until it gets approval. This helps you save time and finances that you may need to spend on hiring middlemen to negotiate your loan process as some financial institutions do.

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Benefits of a Bad Credit Auto Loan in Orange County California

The benefits of our bad credit car loans Orange County California from Car Loans of America are numerous. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Here at Car Loans of America, unlike many other financial institutions, are more than happy to work with your bad credit ratings.
  2. The interest rates are very low and reasonable.
  3. It gives you the opportunity to have total control over your schedule. And the movement in the ever busy towns and cities of Orange County.
  4. We at Car Loans of America car loans are not just for people who want to buy their first cars. But also people who want to revamp an old one or wants to add to their collections of cars.
  5. Offering reliability owing to their peerless track record and their partnership with leading car dealers.
  6. It gives great ease in the process of applying for and getting the bad credit auto loans in Orange County are approved.
  7. Where different from buy here pay here dealers, credit unions, and banks!

Get A Bad Credit Auto Loan in Orange County California With Us Today!

The people of Orange County must realize the opportunity offered by Car loans of America to those in their area. In working with people with bad and negative credit ratings is an amazing one which must be keyed into. You’ll fulfill your lifelong ambitions of getting your own car and enjoy doing business and leisure in the county.

We tell you with all sense of honesty that it doesn’t get better than this anywhere. Contact us today! We look forward to helping you get an auto loan Orange County California.