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Car Loans of America is the number one auto lender providing affordable auto loans and auto financing for a car purchase. We provide same-day funding for potential car buyers of all credit types. At Car Loans of America, we offer bad credit auto loans in San Antonio, TX that are tailored to suit the needs of consumers who’ve found themselves in a financial bind. Our online auto loan application is quick and easy with approval in just minutes of application submission!

Car Loans of America works with individuals who carry bad credit. 

As the best car financing company, we are here for you with the quickest approval system that ensures that you get the finance you need to purchase a new or used car even if your bad credit is holding you back.

Here at Car Loans of America, we help people experiencing financial emergencies. We provide same day funding with our bad credit auto loans in San Antonio, Texas!

bad credit auto loans in san antonio city viewsBad Credit Score

The ill effects of a bad credit score on an individual’s overall ability to request for, and receive loans in everyday society, cannot be overemphasized. One of the ways it has affected people. 

But then, not everybody could have acquired some bad credit score because they were necessarily not responsible. As other factors could have made anybody secure a bad credit score.

The effect of bad credit scores

If we continually make the credit score top the reasons why a person should get a loan- especially a car loan. Then a lot more people may end up not having vehicles for themselves. Which is not something convenient in contemporary times.

At the Car Loans of America, we ensure that everybody in the Texas area is given a good shot at buying their own cars. Hence we render all the necessary assistance that is needed in raising the funds with our bad credit auto loans in San Antonio Texas.

Car Loans of America Company Service

Car Loans of America is a financial service provider company which offers bad credit car loans San Antonio services to members of the public. This is tailored to consumers who may have difficulties securing loans from commercial banks and other lenders.

Our services are aimed at ensuring that more people are able to purchase their own vehicles with our bad credit auto loans in San Antonio, TX. Even if they have any current financial restrictions, such as those necessitated by bad credit scores.

We help people with bad credit obtain bad credit auto loans in San Antonio, Texas

Hence, we do car financing and also help people with bad credits buy a car. Our team of experts comprises of individuals with years of experience in automobile financing, coupled with top-notch service deliveries.bad credit car loans san antonio customer service

Car Loans of America services are open to everyone who needs them in San Antonio Texas. Especially if they’ve got a bad credit score.

The issue with bad credit score; but don’t worry if you’ve got one

Sometimes, it could be frustrating to need something urgently and importantly. But being absolutely handicapped on how to get around it. This is the issue that many people continually face when they’ve finally landed a bad credit score.

Most financial institution and lending houses would only give out loans to people who’ve got a credit score way over 600. In some instances, even individuals with a pretty good credit score may not easily secure a bank loan.

What if you cannot meet the requirements?

This shows that an increasing requirement for loan acquisition, which many people cannot meet. Now, considering these facts, what should be the fate of those who cannot seem to find their way out of the bad credit score?

Our company aptly comes to the rescue as we ensure that we render all the help that is needed in ultimately buying your own car. This is achieved without any complicated requirements or processes.

You can still buy a car using our bad credit car loans San Antonio, TX deals

Thus, our services bring succor to all your bad credit car loans San Antonio needs. Even when you’ve got that raging bad credit score.

By this, it means you can still buy that car using our flexible car loan deals that are designed to bring the best convenience for our clients.

How to go about finding out the best option for you

There are different types of service options as regards the type of loans you can get. Car Loans of America offers different options for clients to choose from. But all of them comes with a fair deal offer that puts the client in consideration.bad credit auto loans san antonio research

You can either secure loans for a used car, a new one, or you can in fact trade an old one so as to get some money to serve as part payments for a new one.

We got the best advice for you!

Usually, our bad credit auto loans in San Antonio, TX services incorporate a good deal of expert advice that would not only give you insights into the best options to take. But also on the most convenient way to do the final repayments.

Whatever the option you’re taking. We’ll make sure we give you the best service advice you can get anywhere within the San Antonio axis, and even beyond.

This is because, as much as we’re concerned with our business. We’re also genuinely concerned about you. We’re to assist you in achieving your automobile goals by providing bad credit car loans San Antonio.

What’s the package for a customer with a bad credit score?

Car Loans of America offers its service to clients with bad credit scores, based on outlined conditions that suit both the company. As well as the bad credit score owner who is the applicant.

Although it may seem ideal to finance persons with a good credit score. We also accept bad credit car loans San Antonio applications from those with low credit scores. Without having to make them go through exploitive processes.

Over the years, we’ve attended to a good number of people who’ve come to us with their car purchase or replacement needs. We’ve helped them finance their car project while helping them come up with their credit scores as well.

Interest Rates

Although interest rates for bad credit score beneficiaries are always relatively high. It seems to have become a little more intense, just recently.

Nowadays, a characteristic feature of bad credit auto loans in San Antonio as obtainable by a number of companies and agencies – excessively high-interest rates.

High Interest

This seems to be the plaguing disadvantages that come to the applicants as a consequence for their credit scores.

Thus, there is usually a widened interest rate gap between car loan applicants with a good credit score. bad credit auto loans in san antonio interest rates

This enables some car loan companies to take undue advantage of bad credit score applicants. By imposing hidden fees, inflated charges and exploitative interest rates that are way higher than the regular rates that apply to bad credit score car loan applicants.

We give you the fairest interest

At the Car Loans of America, we are dedicated to ensuring that we provide our bad credit car loans San Antonio services at the fairest interest rates.

Such that the beneficiary is adequately assured that they are not embarking on a difficult financial journey.

We are able to ensure this by putting up a framework that is transparent and detailed. Such that the applicant is well acquainted with the methods and fees, even before starting the loan processing with us.

Down Payment & Cosigner

Also, as an applicant with a low credit score, you may be able to increase your auto loan eligibility by providing a down payment. As well as a cosigner with a proven credit track record.

The importance of a cosigner on this deal is to help you leverage shared responsibilities after an agreement has been made.

It importantly helps you gain more credibility score with the lender who assumes a synergized credit score of the cosigner. Hence, the cosigner also becomes accountable for making sure the car loan is eventually paid back to the lending party.

Lower your interest rate

A down payment on another hand helps you slap down the interest you would have paid if you were borrowing all the money you needed for the car.

For instance, if you need $20,000 to buy the car and the car loan company was lending out at an 18% interest rate.

You would have been able to cut down on how much interest you’ll have to pay finally if you make a down payment of say $5,000. There are other advantages to making a down payment. This is especially important for bad credit car loan applicants.

Other categories of delicate loan applicants; persons with limited or no credit score history

Financing bad credit auto loans in San Antonio with insufficient or no credit score history can almost be likened to the applicant with low credit score.

This is because the loan issuer is also not certain about the credibility of the former since there is no adequate credit score record.

This means there is almost nothing to use in determining whether the applicant rightly qualifies for a loan under the category of persons with good credit score or not.

Commercial banks – limited options

People in this category would most likely not get loans from commercial banks at least and are left with very limited options.

Hence, our doors are open to such individuals, as our carefully designed road map would find them the needed financial support, as well. Other possible beneficiaries are persons who are just coming up from bankruptcy, as well as auto refinancing services.

How to calculate your expected bad credit car loans San Antonio and the interest rates that apply

Before you apply for a car loan, it is important to know how much the lending company is willing and able to lend out. Based on your bad credit score.

This would help you weigh all the options you have. Whether to trade off an old car or not, or whether to secure a loan for a new car or a used one.

Car loan calculation

As a way of making adequate proactive plans as regards what car to buy, as well as determining the possibility and ease of meeting up with the repayment schedule. It is important to always initiate a car loan calculation before submitting the application.

The bad credit car loan applicant who normally has a higher interest rate to pay. Would be able to calculate how much they would be expected to pay back at the expiration of the loan deal.

Be well-informed

This would adequately ensure that the person taking the loan is knows about the company’s fee terms. And would, in fact, protect him from hidden charges that may want to pop up after the agreement is reached.

Car Loans of America ensures that the client is abreast with the payment calculations. While we make proper documentation that we give out to them, while we also keep a copy of it. This is what makes us the smart choice when getting bad credit auto loans in San Antonio.

Our website provides a car loan calculator

Our online platform provides a car loan calculator with our interest rates for all the categories of applicants. Thus, you can calculate and know all the figures by simply using the feature on the company’s website.

You can also calculate how much you would be required to pay together with the interest break down. Depending on your determined repayment schedules.

For instance, if you’ve indicated to pay a certain amount after every two months. The calculator helps you determine how much you would have to pay on that schedule. 

How to apply for Car Loans of America’s bad credit auto loans in San Antonio

Applying for and securing our company’s loans are a very straightforward process that pulls through in just a few hours of initiating it. Once all of the requirements have been met.

Our online portal further accelerates the process. Thus allowing applicants to carry out a reasonable amount of the required activities on the company’s website. Prospective clients can also visit us at our office locations in San Antonio. Here you can also make inquiries, as well as initiate an application for our bad credit car loans San Antonio!

We provide you with information

After obtaining approval, you may make use of our vast network of auto dealers. They could help you harness information about the best new and used vehicles. Which can match with the kind of bad credit car loans San Antonio you’re getting.

Car Loans of America have built business relations with top automobile dealerships. We help you find the best quotations for your car through our bad credit auto loans in San Antonio.

Why we are the best choice for your bad credit car loans San Antonio, Texas

Car Loans of America company has continued to top the markets in this aspect of the business. This is because of our original and flexible terms and conditions.bad credit car loans san antonio new car driver

It’s part of what has earned us the popularity and trust. This is what we enjoy in the whole of San Antonio Texas.

All of our services ensures that the patronizing client is able to settle down to a good buy, courtesy our detailed and complete follow up.

From Plano, TX to our offices in Corpus Christi, TX we have locations all throughout the entire state of Texas to assist you with all of your car loan needs and questions!

How to Get a Car Loan San Antonio, TX Checklist

We’ve put together a brief checklist on how to get bad credit car loans San Antonio, TX.

  • Work on your credit before car shopping
  • Check current interest rates before buying a car with bad credit
  • Consider making a bigger down payment
  • Know what you can afford and pay
  • Get pre-approved
  • Tread carefully with ‘buy here, pay here’
  • Read all of the paperwork
  • Watch out for scams
  • Do your research. Compare at least 3-4 lenders.

How to Get a Car Loan San Antonio, TX Checklist – Items You Need

  • Valid Driver’s License or Identification
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Residency
  • Personal References

Our Online Car Loan Application

Getting an auto loan online through us is easier than ever. At Car Loans of America, our online car loan application is quick and easy! Most applicants are approved for their auto loans in just minutes. This makes the process extremely convenient and tailored to suit the needs of consumers of all credit types. Applying with us through our online car loan application saves you time, effort and you’ll know if you’ve been approved in a matter of minutes.


Our team of experts is well trained to adequately respond to the needs of every potential client. The company provides an active customer support service that responds to questions and complains, as prompt as it’s possible.

Securing bad credit car loans San Antonio with us just got easier. We know the right service plans that suit you and we’re always reachable in times of need.