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The advent of technology has helped a lot of people achieve success and independence. Independence is essential in our world, and the more we embrace technology, the easier it becomes to get independence and be successful especially in a city like Charlotte. At Car Loan Charlotte North Carolina, we realize that one of the tools that technology uses to help us achieve independence is a car. Having your car means you get to handle your biz yourself without the interference of others. 

Looking for funds to purchase a new or used car but have very bad credit?  That’s not a problem because our car financing company will give you the funds to buy that car. All you have to do is apply and get approval within minutes.

You don’t have to be that fellow that makes that cold call to your colleague pleading for a lift. That is why Car Loan Charlotte North Carolina is here for you. You’re gone past forcing your schedule into that of the train station. You might not have noticed all of these advantages, since they are now foreign to you. You no longer indulge in them.

Independence should be labeled as the primary advantage of owning a car. Imagine an individual is deprived of having this fantastic feeling due to poor financial history. No, Car Loan Charlotte North Carolina shares your sentiment on this subject. Let us see the endless possibilities Car Loans of America has to offer to the good people of Charlotte, North Carolina through the procurement of a car loan.

How to own a car despite bad credit?

Bad credit shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying technology basic invention- a car. The sole purpose of a car is to reduce everyday stress, so why would anyone choose to deprive you of that. It doesn’t feel right, and it would never be. Car Loan Charlotte North Carolina understands your struggle towards doing better, in a bid to gain your financial independence. We want to help you out throughout this course by making the best out of the wonderful features we have laid out for you. Having bad credit is not the end of the world, we’ve had clients who have had a financial downturn and successfully scaled through.

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We work with various credit profile bad credit, poor credit, no credit is just fine. Go to our online platform and get registered within minutes and start enjoying the endless possibilities we have in our arsenal. Car Loan Charlotte North Carolina have several auto dealers in North Carolina with nice cars waiting for you to walk into their showroom and make your choice. I tell you it doesn’t get better than that.

Make A Research On Your Credit History  

Apart from getting a loan, it’s always beneficial when you take out time to check out your financial history. This will give you a better perspective of where your financial worries are emanating from, and you can know what to work on. Some of the financial downturns might be due to human error. You might have subverted some of the loans that still features on your financial report. It is essential to be intricate about your research and ask pertinent questions. As stated by the consumer financial protection bureau (CPFB) it is vital you consider your current financial situation before making a significant commitment such as the purchase of a car.

Have A Clear Understanding Of Credit Score And Report

The credit score tells the auto lender how good you are with money. Your credit score will help them create an impression about you, whether you are wasteful of conservative. This will also help them to stay in the loop, to know if they are making the right decision by offering you a loan grant. With that said, let me point out a basic fact that dignifies Car Loan Charlotte North Carolina among our contemporaries. We work with every type of credit profile.

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Car Loan Charlotte North Carolina is not in the business to segregate clients with bad credit score. In fact, we want to help them in every way possible. Though a good credit score puts you on a better horizon for getting qualified. It’s not the primary reason for qualifying. The consumer financial protection bureau has always been a proponent for checking your credit report with the national agency for any discrepancy.

Poor Credit Score Is No Roadblock

Circumstances beyond our control can get us feeling redundant when it comes to having a sound financial record. Car Loan Charlotte North Carolina understands people go through horrific moments such as divorce, foreclosure, surgical operation, the death of a loved one and so may unforeseen occurrences. Nobody prays for such, but they happen and sometimes plunge people into financial mayhem. Imagine you find yourself in this financial pit dug by God knows who and you are struggling to come out but all effort seems futile.

At some point, after harnessing all your strength, you got tired, lost hope and sat down waiting for help to come. All of a sudden a beam of light shines on you and outstretches its hands to pull you up. How would you feel? You will be elated. That hand right there is Car Loan Charlotte North Carolina coming to your rescue, in your time of distress and financial worries. Mainly to help get you a car of your own.  

How much can I afford on a car purchase?

It is crucial to have an estimated amount you’re willing to spare on a car purchase. The purchase of a car is a massive commitment one shouldn’t be taking lightly. Car Loan Charlotte North Carolina have an online budget calculator on our webpage that will give you the estimated value of what you can afford. Parameters such as the principal loan amount, the interest rate, loan term, the monthly payment will help you see how your monthly expense fits into this arrangement.

Your monthly fee, apr, down payment will be calculated to see what you can afford and how we can assist you in achieving this. The apr is the only constant value. Other parameters are susceptible to changes. You can regularly insert them into the affordability calculator to know if you are still on course. You also have the monthly payment calculator handy, by putting the down payment, loan term, the apr, you will be able to get the amount you will be paying as your monthly payment.

An Overview Of The Loan Term And Apr

There is a correlation between these two, and it is vital you grasp the full understanding of them since it has an underlining effect on your auto loan.

The Loan Term

The 21st century has witnessed an unprecedented increase in the life of a loan, which for one can be termed as progress on the part of the financial company. Currently, the average auto loan for a new car now lasts as much as five years while most auto loans now take up to about five to six years which for certainty can be regarded as moving forward. The loan term is quite useful when it comes to an auto loan since it is the determining factor in the life of the auto loan. It is essential to note that a short-term loan always attracts a high monthly payment keeping the interest rate constant.

A long-term loan attracts a low monthly payment keeping the interest rate constant. Whether you are on a long term or short term loan an apr (which we talk about shortly) still determines what a monthly payment will look like. A long-term loan with a high interest might end up getting a spike in its monthly fee.

The apr

The annual payment rate plays a significant role in the life of a loan term. A finance company will give a good apr if you have good credit. This implies that it is pertinent to have a good credit score if you want to enjoy a good apr. With a good apr you will find making your loan payment easy without any stress. Your monthly payment will be reduced since you have a good apr. Most financial companies want to grant a loan to a client that will help them shut both eyes and sleep without worries. If they find one, they are always obliged to keep and render a satisfactory service for them in every way possible. It is very basic; the higher the credit score, the lower your interest rate. Here are standard credit score and their corresponding interest rate.

  •    850 – 740 : 3.2% interest rate
  •    739 – 680 : 4.5% interest rate
  •    680 and below : 6.5% – 12.9% interest rate

Apr will have a parallel effect on your monthly payment and the loan payment in totality. To enjoy a good interest rate on your loan you need to have a credit score of above 740 this will sit you down comfortably among the table of men. With a score above 650 also guarantee you a slot but with a high-interest rate. This is termed as a subprime loan, that is getting a loan with a high apr.

With a proper homework, you can get a good apr for your auto loan. Check out your credit report which houses your credit score. Do make your research on areas you can work on to help improve your credit score. You can reduce the rate at which you use your credit card. It will help you to learn how to be frugal when it comes to spending or any financial commitment.

Options That Count

You have three options that can help you get qualified for a car loan.

  1.    A down payment

As a show of commitment to the auto loan scheme, auto lenders appreciate a client who makes a reasonable down payment in a bid to get qualified for the loan. Apart from getting qualified for the car loan, you will also enjoy a good apr. Your monthly payment and the principal loan amount will be reduced to a reasonable amount. Clients such as this make auto lenders go an extra mile in a bid to satisfy them by finding a good car for them to work with.

  1.    A Cosigner

Cosigners serve as a reference that stands in for you and appends their signature in your car loan agreement. What this implies is that they are willing to make your monthly payment and principal loan amount. Some auto loan companies also make this a primary requirement for getting qualified for a loan. It is imperative that you carefully select whoever you want to make your cosigner since they will define if you will be getting the loan.

  1.    Your Current Car

You can trade with your current car for a new car. We employ to ensure the car is in good condition and make sure the car title corroborate with your name. You will be required to provide essential documents such as the insurance document, driver’s license. 

Selecting Your Car

Car Loan Charlotte North Carolina believes you have an overview estimate of what you would spend on a car. This will help you get your perspective right and know the type of car you want. Clients with bad or poor credit should be realistic about their expectation. They might want to go for a used car instead of a new one.


Our auto dealers all over Charlotte have the best deals on used and new cars. You don’t have any cause for worry with regards to the quality of car you will be getting.

Visit Car Loan Charlotte North Carolina online page

Getting a car loan is now hassle-free. You can check out our webpage for your easy step to financial recovery. You can do your registration at any place of your comfort whether at work or home. Our mobile page now makes registration easier for client. Here are three necessary steps to get your pre-approval.

  1.    Submit essential details which include your contact information, name.
  2.    Wait for a response which tells, if you’ve been approved for the loan.
  3.    Download the document that contains the term of the loan and listed names of auto dealers in your location.

Kindly ensure that you go with the document to your preferred auto dealer. The document has a period in which it elapses if not acted upon immediately.


Car Loan Charlotte North Carolina is offering the opportunity to revamp your financial situation. We have car loan deals that fit perfectly into your budget. Your credit profile should not prevent from enjoying what technology has to offer. It is your right to ride to a good life.