Car Loans Birmingham

Car Loans Birmingham is here to assist individuals going through financial issues.

As the best car financing company, we are here for you with the quickest approval system that ensures that you get the finance you need to purchase a new or used car even if your bad credit is holding you back.

We work with individuals who carry bad credit and we also provide same day funding for our loans birmingham

Managing your time

Think about so many tasks you’ve left unfinished due to time constraint. It makes you wonder if you’re managing your time correctly. So, you went on the internet to find out how well you can manage your time. 

You got several results and sincerely speaking, most of them looked feasible, and you started on this journey of managing your time. But you still have uncompleted activities, why?

You’ve turned a blind eye to the underlining cause of your time wastage. You don’t own a car. You spend so much time waiting on public transport or a friend that works across the road from your place of work.

Having a car of your own

The ease of moving at any time from the convenience of your home is out of the picture, no independence no freedom. But you can’t have a car of your own because there is no financial support system.

Bills are stacking up, a mortgage to pay, and to top it all you have a poor financial history. Car Loans Birmingham wants to be your support system, that pillar you can lean on in times of financial downturn.

Secure your loan with bad credit

Presently, what might be running through your mind is “this is sounding too good to be true.” We don’t blame you for not believing; we know how most financial institution in Birmingham turns down clients with bad loans birmingham

But we are different, and we’re willing to show you. How you can secure a car loan with bad credit right in the city of Birmingham.

How do I get an auto loan with bad credit?

You know the saying “even the rich also cry” implies that having bad credit is not the end of life. At every point in time, people make a poor financial decision, whether in a contract, purchase of an item, or in business. It is a cycle of life.

At Car Loans Birmingham, we understand your worries, and you should know granting a car loan with poor financial history is our forte. We take pride in that.

So to get a car loan the (CFPB) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau advises that you should carefully consider your financial records. Then make your decision based on what you can afford to spend on a car.

Here are some essential financial records, you need to consider:


  • Examine Your Credit History


Don’t be too confident about your financial history. The CFPB employs a client regarding a significant purchase such as a car to carefully check their credit report for any imbalance.

You might have been plunged into a bad credit history due to a slight error. It is better to examine your credit history to prevent your bad credit from turning into a paradigm.


  • Credit Score And Report


The primary factor that prevents clients from getting qualified for a loan is poor credit score. At least for some financial institution that we’ve in Birmingham. Funnily enough, having a good credit score is not the basics for getting a financial loan at least for us at Car Loans Birmingham.

It only increases your chances of getting qualified. It is also a determinant of your interest rate which has a parallel effect on your monthly payment. A credit score is like a mirror image of a client creditworthiness, in unequivocal terms it shows if a client can be trusted with money.

How can I afford a car loan?

An auto loan calculator will give you a better perspective of what you can afford to spend on a car purchase. It helps to fit your car budget into your finances. It will give you a realistic estimate of the total amount you will be spending on a car loans birmingham

The loan term and apr (annual payment rate) have a downsizing effect on the monthly payment made on loans. You can get this with the monthly payment calculator. Let’s examine the contrast between the loan term and an APR (Annual Payment Rate).

Loan Term

Ideally, a loan term is the duration of the total loan payment. This implies that a longer loan term will reduce a monthly fee over the loan period provided the apr remains unchanged.

A short-term loan will increase the monthly payment of a loan. The whole theory changes with bad credit. Bad or poor credit will make a long-term loan have a high monthly payment.

APR (annual payment rate)

The Apr makes up the interest rate which is charged over a loan payment and other extra charges incurred during the life of the loan.  

The Apr has a direct bearing on the monthly fee that will be made on loan and the principal amount of the loan.

Several factors determine the Apr of a client some of which are bad credit, special offer, interest rate, and special offers as stated by the federal trade commission.

Bankruptcy Is No Issue

Getting financed with bankruptcy is very much possible, we’re flexible with our conditions so Car Loans Birmingham will provide you with a cat despite bankruptcy.

The best financial institutions to approach in cases of bankruptcy are direct lenders. You’ve quite a few at your disposal in Birmingham. It takes a little digging in to find the one that suits your financial loans birmingham

You can sign up on our webpage within minutes. We’ve taken out time make our webpage user-friendly so that it can be easily accessible for all age class.

Other Options To Get Qualified For The Loan Grant

All hope is not lost, in case your bad credit score is stopping you from getting qualified. Car Loans Birmingham is offering two opportunities to help you get qualified they are:

  •    A down payment
  •    A cosigner

A Down Payment

This is the amount paid before the car loan is awarded to you. Auto lenders accept down payment which signals a commitment on the part of the lender.

If you’ve got a car that has a title document under your name, then you can use it to trade as well. Each of them as a significant amount of influence on the monthly payment and principal about of the loan.

A Cosigner

For lenders, having a cosigner is paramount to getting a car loan. They require a reference that would stand in for you in cases where you’re not meeting up with the monthly payment.

The cosigner will be required to pay off your debt. It is essential that you intently consider who you want to use as your cosigner.

Auto lenders have a preference for a client they are in business with or one of their borrowers. The CPFB provides the effect a car loan as on a client and their cosigner.

What to consider when making my car selection?

As mentioned earlier a budget calculator is useful, in cases where you need an estimate of how much you will be spending and if it fits into your financial situation.

We employ client with bad credit to be open-minded with regards to their expectations on the type of car they will get. After the prequalification phase clients with bad credit might get a used car as an option.

This is still a good deal because we ensure our auto dealers in Birmingham are giving you the best deal you can get. You will be paying less to get a used car insured when compared to a new car.

The Rate Of Purchase Of A New Or Used Car

As part of  Car Loans Birmingham flexibility approach towards your loan needs, we ensure we are giving you a competitive price on our cars whether it’s the used or new cars.

For a fact we know it’s your financial situation that brought you to our doorstep, so it wouldn’t make sense plunging you into more problem. For all approved clients we have prepared mouthwatering offers for you that accentuates your fiscal stance.

Which financial institution can I trust?

When you need a car loan in Birmingham, your best bet is to go to direct auto lenders like Car Loans Birmingham and others like banks and credit union.

We always love to hear from you, so we choose to use the direct-to-consumer lenders’ approach. With the exemption of middleman, we will be able to listen to your story and get you your grant without delay.

Do banks have my interest?

Financial institutions such as banks also provide a car loan to customers not just in the context discussed here. They serve as a fortress to those who don’t need any assistance, leaving those who need help with nothing but empty promises.

They make you feel welcomed and give you the required attention, but it’s all simulated. Banks will also you to provide more than you can afford. The first red flag is to give a good credit score. You can now see why they don’t fall into this context.

Trade with Car Loans Birmingham

As our esteemed clients, Car Loans Birmingham works with any credit profile you have. We want you to stay happy and productive in your daily activities.

Whether you have a good or poor financial history, we have a car that fits well in your garage.

Qualified applicants get pre-approved in a matter of minutes, and they can dash to their nearest auto dealer. Shop like a king and ride their car like an equestrian.

How to get registered?

We’ve made our webpage user-friendly so that our prospective clients can easily navigate on the page. Finding a financial fortress for the good people of Birmingham require three stepscar loans birmingham

  1. Provide the required details such as contact information, name and your type of car.
  2. Submit the information
  3. Wait for a response which should happen within a minute. You will get a document which contains terms and conditions binding the loan. You’re expected to take this document with you to the auto dealer’s shop.

Buying A Car In Alabama Just Got Better

We’ve been working tirelessly to serve you better. To make getting a car loan a hassle-free exercise. Our team of professional lenders has made unprecedented progress in this regard.

This is apparent considering were we use to come from to where we are at the moment

  1. Applying for a loan can be done at any place whether work, home. You could even get registered right on your phone, and you get an immediate response about your preapproval.
  2. Clients get their preapproved documents which informs them about the terms and condition binding the loan. They will be notified if their finances work best with a new or used car.
  3. When you get approval please kindly read through the terms binding the loan, it’s essential. If you’re not cleared with anything you can reach out to us, we will spell it all out for you. You’re expected to go with the documents to the approved auto dealers listed in the document.
  4. Once you’re done picking the car of your choice, you’re not required to disc anything with the auto dealer regarding the price or finances of the car

Finding The Best Auto Dealer

Scouting for proper auto dealers in Birmingham, Alabama might not be easy, since it’s hard finding a trustworthy car dealer these days. Over the years we’ve gone through the stress of doing this groundwork for you.

We have auto dealers in various parts of Birmingham, and we have formed a bond of friendship with them over the years. This makes them always to put our clients on a particular treatment anytime you go to their office.

Get the best deal!

Be assured that you’re getting the best deal from the best auto dealers in Birmingham.

Part of the contents of your preapproved documents is a list of approved auto dealers within the proximity of your location. In cases when you’re not okay with their service you can go to another auto dealer contained in the list.


There is no harm in finding financial aid in times of financial distress. It is only when you ask for help that we can extend our warm hands of friendship to you. Your car is waiting somewhere in the showroom of the auto dealer closer to you, kindly reach out today and own a ride of your own.