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We will help you get the best car loan , even if you have bad credit. We are here to help you, we have a large network of dealers, that we work with. We will get you the best Auto loan in Bridgeport, and help you get the best price on the car that you want to buy.

What does a bad car loan mean?

As the name implies, a bad car loan is one that was bad for the client. It is one in which the client makes more payments than he earns/makes and more than is necessary for the amount borrowed. It is a loan that was granted for the acquisition of a car but ended up being very burdensome. Before we go ahead, lets quickly highlight the three tiers of every loan. Every loan has

  •    The Principal
  •    The Interest
  •    The Loan Term

The Principal is the amount of money borrowed. It is devoid of any additional charges as it is the money the client requests from the bank or credit house. The Interest is the amount that is added to the principal on reimbursement. Most credit houses hike their interest rates to make maximum profit from the client, but not at Car Loans Bridgeport Connecticut. Our interest rates are slim to none. Now, interest rates differ depending on the principal, type of loan, credit scores and also the applied terms and conditions. The Loan term is simply the duration of time during which the client has to complete all payments. It is measured in months and spread out in years.

The purpose of this loan is to stop your car troubles so you will be going for a car loan. Every client has to bear in mind that some institutions have their criteria when issuing car loans to individuals. One thing that is primarily taken into consideration is your credit score.

Credit Score

Your credit score is a number that represents your credit history and choices. This number is given and calculated using FICO by the credit bureaus in America (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian). These bureaus retrieve all information concerning your credit history and records from any institution you have ever made payments at. These could be schools, hospitals, utilities etc. Now on the FICO chart, credit scores start from 0 and stop at 850. The bureau considers any score less than a 300 to be bad credit and automatically renders such a person as a bad risk.

In the event in which one needs to maximize their credit scores, one needs to always make payments on time and also keep records of all these completed payments. This is done to have a documented proof in case these Credit Bureaus omit any payment from their records that you had completed. Note that an omitted payment is counted as a null one.

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What causes bad credit?

If your credit score is below a 300, you will want to know how it happened. Although most times the direct cause is unknown, having a bad credit score relates to incomplete payments, it can result from the decline in economic activities of your residential area. It can also have links to bankruptcy protection, multiple debts, bad investments filings etc. Sometimes the reason is not always the bearers fault so why should we shun them?

There are several implications of having a bad credit score. One of it is that your loan application will rarely get an approval. Also, the interest rates are always obscene to discourage the bearer from going further to accept it. But out of need and desperation, if one accepts such a loan he/she runs into more debt. Another implication is that the bearer is regarded as a bad risk which means that he/she is believed to be incapable of rendering future payments as his/her accounts must be in the red.

Luckily, at Car Loans Bridgeport Connecticut we are different from all other credit companies and here is how.

What makes us different?

One of the many things that separate us from the competition is that we love to work with you despite your dwindling credit scores. We are fully aware of the implications of your credits and we are still interested in you. This is indeed our unique selling point. This is not all, at Car Loans Bridgeport Connecticut our loans are amazing, our interest rates are very affordable, our services are transparent and our process is very swift. We work in such a way that you can apply for a bad credit car loan with us today and drive your very own car home tomorrow.

At Car Loans Bridgeport Connecticut, we offer bad credit car loans (which is a loan you can still receive with your failing credit scores) to individuals who want to fully purchase a car, pay down payments or just complete his/her car payments.  We take the bull by its horn in going the extra mile to make sure you own your car. Car Loans Bridgeport Connecticut has affiliations with several car dealers/dealership companies who will be more than happy to take you in and help you find your dream car.

We also invest our time and effort into designing a loan plan based on your current holdings and financial stance that will be very beneficial to you. At Car Loans Bridgeport Connecticut, we regard each client as uniquely as possible. Having had their fair share of financial turmoil, this is to let them know that they are safe with us. In case you are wondering how we do all of this and still manage to be the leading credit institution in Bridgeport, here’s how.

How Car Loans Bridgeport Connecticut works with bad credits

First off, this is our target market and we invest all our resources into it. Many financial institutions regard the credit score of an individual when viewing his/her loan application. Some also use it to determine its bearers interest rates, at Car Loans Bridgeport Connecticut we do neither.

The only basic thing we consider is the individuals proof of income and employment status. This acts as a documented guarantee that this individual has a steady income source and will be able to refund the loan when the time arises completely. We do not prioritize on client’s credit scores as this can be generally misleading.

Across America, we have a garnered a reputable clientele. Our customer satisfaction ratings are very high and our customer base thriving. This is because our services are customer friendly and we do not maximize profits at the client’s expense. If you still have doubts or questions about our company, feel free to visit our company website before resuming your loan application process.

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How to get a bad credit car loan from Car Loans Bridgeport Connecticut

At Car Loans of America, there are only a handful of things we expect our clients to figure out before applying as this will help us when designing a loan plan that best suits their needs. One of it is:

Choose your car

We only expect you to have a car in mind before applying for our bad credit car loan. This will help you to know how much money you require and how much to ask for. At, we ensure that our clients still have a substantial amount of money left after purchasing their cars and figuring this out will enable us to serve you better. If you have no car in mind, Car Loans of America works with numerous car dealers in Bridgeport who will take you in and show you the current cars on the market.

When you are there,  ask some vital questions. Questions like what is its advantage over other cars, what is its horsepower, tank capacity, warranty and if it is an already used car, what is its mileage. Does it require any repairs or part replacements? We do this to prevent any form of later regret from the client.

How to fund it

After picking out your car, you will need to fund it. With Car Loans of America loans, you can easily do that without feeling the financial strain. Depending on the client’s preferences, we offer full auto loans and direct car loans to make down payments or complete car payments.

Whatever you desire, Car Loans of America will help you achieve them. Our loans go hand in hand with slim to no interest rates and favorable terms and conditions. All loans are direct and go straight from us to you via cheques or bank deposits. We do not utilize the services of the middleman as this only slows down our process.

Apply now

Once you have figured out these steps, you will need to start your application process. At Car Loans of America, this can be done online via our website or through our Bridgeport office. Either way, you will need to pick up our bad credit car loans application form, fill in your correct details, have it approved and in 24 hours you may just be driving your own car. After you have successfully applied for your car loan, we will now inform you of our terms and conditions.

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Luckily, we have just two of those. They are:

  •    The APR

This is only the interest rates that we have added which you are expected to pay on reimbursement. This includes any additional charges (legal fees and transportation inclusive) that we have incurred through the course of granting this loan. This always amounts to very little so you have nothing to worry about.

  •    The Loan Term

In summary, this is only the time at which the client refunds payments. All clients are educated on the different types of loan terms (either short term and long term). We encourage them to make their best choice which we take into full consideration.


Owning a car in this economy can be financially draining. Car Loans of America is a credit institution designed to aid residents of Bridgeport Connecticut in their car acquisition goals with little or no hassle. Our loans are amazing, our process is very fast, our interest rates slim to none, our terms are very favorable. We are also very straightforward and transparent in all our transactions. Choose Car Loans of America today, chase your dreams comfortably.