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Transportation is an important factor in the everyday life of an adult and transportation can be very crucial but also very costly and ineffective depending on the transport company. Eventually and Especially when you find yourself in the biggest city in Connecticut as an adult, you need a car to get by. With Bridgeport being one of the cities with the largest return revenue in import and export owing to its vast seaports, it is important to note that population here will be on the high end of the pole. As the saying goes that ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ also, with increased population comes the high cost of living, housing and even travel. But not to worry Car Loans of America has got you covered.


A Bad car loan is a loan usually from a bank that you cannot afford or one that you are making more payments than you need to be making. A car loan is divided into three parts.

  •    Principal
  •    Interest
  •    Term

Principal is the amount borrowed from let’s say a bank, interest is the agreed amount added to the principal on reimbursement and term is the window of time given for reimbursing. A car loan is considered to be bad when the interest rate is high and the term is small leading to a struggle, inability or deficit in payment by the Customer even though the customer initially agreed to those terms and conditions. A bad car loan spirals to debt, bankruptcy and in more extreme cases poverty.


Bad credit otherwise called a ‘red flag’ is an evidence in a default or neglect in past payments. This could be owing to employment lay-off, bankruptcy, economic meltdown based on the region, causing the neglect in the payment of bills and services which is recorded by the credit Bureau. In America, Transunion, Equifax and Experian are the most popular credit Bureaus. These bureaus utilize FICO to calculate and determine credit scores of citizens. Credit scores span from 0 to 850 with 620 set as the benchmark for prime loans by the congressional budget office. In Bridgeport, a bad credit loan is less than or equal to 300. This heavily implies that credit houses and lenders are not likely to work with that person and the ones that do will most likely charge an exuberant interest rate. But, not Car Loans of America.


Credit scores reflect on how much or how frequent one pays his/her bills, How much they spend, how much they earn and the capability for paying back future credits, this is why credit houses take the scores so seriously. Good news is that the edge Car Loans of America has over other Credit companies is that it offers credit loans and services to customers with Bad credit car loans and also even those with none at all.

In the event in which one requires a perfect credit record, one must always keep track of the bills accrued to ensure that no omission is made either by the Bureau or by the credit companies as that can mar a perfect credit record.

Bridgeport is the largest city in Connecticut. Surrounded by a span of seaports it is termed the seaport city. It is the home to the first subway restaurant in 1965, Pete’s Subway. Looking at the city’s skyline, you would see the Harbor station’s red and white smokestack or the ‘last coal-fired power plant in the state’ by locals. Bridgeport has many beautiful parks like Beechwood Park, Pleasure Beach and fun recreational centers like Seaside Park thus putting it on a destination map and making it a residential city was a brilliant idea.

To fully explore the beauty, culture, and landscape of Bridgeport, Connecticut you require a source of mobility. Financing that car with Car Loans of America is straightforward as you can apply for a bad credit car loan today and cruise around town in 24 hours and guess the best part, you can use this auto loan if you want a brand new car, a replacement car, a used car or even your first car all at very mouthwatering interest rates, also if you have no credit score at all, sounds amazing right, we will discuss on all that much soon.

Bad car loans in Bridgeport are usually as a result of steep interest rates and little interest terms, but with Car Loans of America, a bad credit car loans is simply another loan (auto) that you can receive to finance your car even with bad credit.

Are you tired of banks with their insane interest rates and little payment time, are you tired of taking the bus with your kids to a Seaside amusement park, or are you just tired of the bad credit stigma given to you by credit companies. Look no further, Car Loans of America loans is for you.  At Car Loans of America loans we’re not in the business of milking you dry of all your income or taking the joy of owning your own car away from you, we’re primarily focused on equipping you with the monetary equivalent to purchase your car at very fair interest rates. While other credit companies may shut their doors on you based on your bad credit score or records, at Car Loans of America, we go a step further to welcome you with smiles.

All you need to do is if you are in Bridgeport, Connecticut:


The first step in buying something is knowing exactly what you buy. Merchandise survey is always recommended when purchasing an expensive commodity like a car. You have to ask yourself some questions like is this the car I really want, is it durable, is it worth it, with my current income can I maintain this car, and if it’s an already used car, is the total distance traveled in miles(mileage) good, what of the horsepower, exhaust, or even vehicle restrictions. In essence, you need to cross every I and dot all the t’s because after all this is the car you’re taking a loan with your bad credit to purchase so ultimately, it has to be efficient. At Car Loans of America, we have several registered car dealers and dealership companies around you and also insurance companies to provide you with answers to all your questions and give you a boost when purchasing.


When you know exactly what car you want to buy and fully determined its stakes, the next step is to decipher how you are going to pay for it and maintain it. Most people require full car loans to buy a new or already used car but others need an auto loan to simply complete the payments on their car funds. Whatever the case, Car Loans of America has both auto and full car loan services both rendered under bad credit car loan as an extra advantage to make sure you get that car. Our loans go straight from us at Car Loans of America to you, no middleman, no hassle. So you have nothing to worry about as we are also contacted directly without the use of a middleman.


Application for bad credit car loans is fast, simple and very effective. If you are more old fashioned and probably don’t have a knack for computers, you can simply head to our Car Loans of America loans office or if you are more digital then you’re just one click away from getting your bad credit car loan. First, navigate your way to our website, fill out the application forms accordingly, submit it and have it approved and you could just be driving your very own car the next day, it’s that simple and anyone can apply, as long as you have a driver’s license and a credit card though.


At Car Loans of America, we don’t sideline customers based on their bad credit or no credit at all, we welcome all because we want to give our clients the best opportunity to own their own cars. One of the things we consider is the customers proof of income(employment status) to ensure that he/she has the financial protection and maybe insurance to pay back the loan at a very cheap interest rate which is considered one of the best in Bridgeport. Our terms and conditions are also very flexible and sometimes even negotiable to ensure that you get that car you want, when you want it and how you want it.


At Car Loans of America, we’re more than a money lending company. We ensure that you are equipped with the necessary infrastructure to live a comfortable and safe life at Bridgeport. Because cars are generally expensive in Bridgeport, we are affiliated with so many automobile dealers and dealership companies who sometimes offer discounts such that as soon as you’re entitled to your car loan, we have a dealer waiting to help you with the purchase of your car. This dealer grants you access to your car, different car packages and even a test run.


Now that you’re applying for the bad credit car loan, it is mandatory to point out some of our terms, conditions and also procedures.

Equivalent to any other credit house, Car Loans of America has its terms and conditions that navigate our bad credit car loans successfully. Our transparency in our terms makes us one of the best loan companies as we make clients indulge in these terms. We discuss all these terms and procedures with our customers and help them understand what they mean and also answer possible questions.

For bad credit car loans, we’re focused on the technicality of APR and Loan Terms.

  •    APR

This is just the rate of interest charged to your bad credit card loan and all surcharges that may have been incurred in the course of granting this loan, legal charges inclusive. This added APR with the Principal does not amount to a high sum because our main goal is to provide fewer interest fees as compared with other loan companies and with Car Loans of America there is the absence of any middleman or agent thus slashing that cost that other companies incur. The APR term is very important and acts as your interest thus determining how much is to be reinstated. As stated earlier credit companies tend to hike their APR’s when dealing with clients with bad credit but at Car Loans of America, we do the reverse.


As highlighted in the first page, loan terms refers to the window of time bestowed on the client to payback or reimburse the loan incurred. Loans can be long term or short-term depending on the amount and the amount that is to be paid at the end of the day. A long-term loan can be paid back in little installments over a long span of time but with short-term loans a larger amount is paid back over a shorter period of time. For Car Loans of America bad credit car loans, loan terms are negotiable based on the client’s preference and convenience. Sometimes one would think that long-term loans are better than short-term loans but long-term loans accumulate to a higher amount monthly than short-term. The customer is educated on these differences and advantages. It is hereby essential that the customer requests for the term that best suits his/her needs.

To conclude this expose, Bridgeport is a serene city with beautiful scenery and ideal living conditions as well as employment opportunities and residential homes but the high pricing in transportation makes it lucid that the average person will be incapable of purchasing a car.

Car Loans of America loans make it possible for everyone and anyone to purchase a car even with bad credit or none at all. With flexible rates, terms and conditions, literally everyone in Bridgeport has the platform to purchase a car and not just a car, your dream car. With Car Loans of America you do not need to file for bankruptcy or take the bus, you can conveniently pay back your bad credit car loans in the span of time you are most comfortable with when driving your car.