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When you live in a state like Columbus Ohio, owning a car becomes a necessity for the benefits they provide in helping you enjoy the life of the city from work to schools to visiting museums and its sorts around the city. Despite this, cars can be expensive to buy especially if you plan to pay upfront, and you may find yourself in need of a car loan to help finance your car. Car loans of America offers different types of car loans including bad credit card loans across different states in America including Columbus Ohio.

About Car Loans of America

Car loans are important in helping people afford the car they want, unfortunately acquiring a  loan with bad credit record or no credit score can be difficult hence the need for bad credit car loans. At Car loans of America, we offer car loans to people even though they have a bad credit or no credit score at all, we are a good choice if you are in need of a loan service that will work with you despite your bad credit record. We pride ourselves on providing car loan services to those who need it so that they can be able to afford their car because we understand just how important a car is to you. Car loans of America has had over a decade working with different types of clients and offering them loans to help them out of tight financial situations, our performance with clients has helped us build trust among clients all over USA, you can look at the customer review to see what they are saying about us.

What is Car loans of America’s bad credit car loan?

Our bad credit car loan is a type of car loan offered by Car loan of America to help you get finances to buy your car even though you have a bad credit score or no credit score at all. Loan agencies often make use of credit scores to decide on a customer’s loan approval and the amount they may be able to pay back safely, as a result of this it is a burden trying to get a regular car loan when you have bad credit.

With our bad credit car loans, we save you the disappointment of trying different loan services because we are willing to work with you despite what your credit score may be. Car loan of America offer different types of car loans including bad credit car loans, if you need a loan agency that will be willing to work with your bad credit then you have come to the right place.

What is bad credit?

At Car loan of America our professionals encourage clients to know their credit score at all times seeing how important it is to making financial choices even though we are willing to work with bad credit. Bad credit means that a client has low credit score, which means a credit score below 580.

There are different reasons why a person could come to having bad credit which could be bankruptcy and/or bad financial moves. However, having bad credit is not the end of the world, it is reversible by making do on de payments hereafter. Credit bureaus collect information from financial agencies about how early you pay and uses this to culminate your credit score.

Even though a bad credit looks bad to lending agencies, Car loan of America will offer you a bad credit car loan so that you can buy your car and work your way out of having a bad credit by repaying in due time. To apply for our bad credit car loan contact us on the website and fill out the bad credit car loan form.

Credit score

Your credit score is a three-digit number that shows how creditworthy you may be. Being creditworthy means you pay your bills in due time. Credit scores are ever changing as you continue to make different financial decisions and so you can get out of having a bad credit.

Credit bureaus collect information about your credit from financial institutions and use this report to calculate the credit score using FICO which is standard all over USA. Lending institutions make use of this score to ensure that you can pay back the loan you are applying for but at Car loan of America we use other means to verify that customers will be able to pay back their loans.

What does Car loan of America do when you have bad credit?

Car loan of America is interested in seeing customers buy the car they want and as a result we offer professional assistance throughout the loan process and we work with bad credit, all you have to do is contact us. We use customer’s current employment information as a guide and an indicator of their ability to pay back the loan and that is why we can work with your bad credit score.

When you contact us at Car loan of America, we ensure that our professionals explain the process of the loan and what it takes before you get the loan because it is important to us that you understand what our bad credit car loan does and you understand the terms and interest rate before you even go into it. This helps customers to know that they can pay back the loan they are applying for and at TCFI loans, customers are a priority.

Step by step process of getting Car loan of America bad credit car loan

Our bad credit car loan is available to anyone living in USA including Columbus Ohio and it requires very easy stress-free steps from application to getting the car. We don’t just stop at giving you a loan we see you through it all to the end.

Step 1 – Loan application: the first step to getting a car loan from us is to apply for the loan. Loan application at Car loan of America has been made to be an easy process for customers by making sure that all of the process can be completed online. To apply for our bad credit car loan, you fill the form on the website and enter in the required details, it is that simple.

You don’t have to go to our office before you can apply for your bad credit car loan, you can do all of it online. The online applications form requires that you enter some personal information which are all secure and kept confidential at Car loan of America.

The information required for the loan application includes your contact and identity information, credit score, information about your current employment, contact address. Each of this category of information is important to the loan process; information about your identity is required in order for us to verify the legitimacy of whoever contacts us and this information entered into the system is kept safe. At Car loan of America, we encourage customers to always know their credit score, this can easily be checked online or by contacting the credit bureau in charge, even though we are willing to work with bad credit we understand that it is important for customers to know their credit score. Whatever credit score entered in the loan application form, we will be willing to work with you. Your employment information is needed by Car loan of America so that we can tell if you will be able to pay back the loan for the car you want, like other information entered on the website, this is also kept confidential. Our professionals are always ready to answer questions that you may have about the loan application.

Step 2 – Confirmation of loan application: After filling the application form, we have to verify the information you entered. This step will only take a few minutes before we get back to you telling you if the verification was successful. During this step, all you have to do is wait for a response. Our response will include details on how much we will be able to give you a loan as well as the loan terms and interest rates because we believe it is essential that you know the details about the loan. If you have any questions at this stage about any information in the response, please contact us to have it sorted out and/or explained to you before proceeding to the next stage. The amount we will be able to offer as a loan will depend on how much you earn as stated in your employment information. The loan terms offered is often negotiable and you can discuss this with one of our professionals by contacting us.

Step 3 – Loan approval: After you have understood everything in the previous step from the loan amount to the terms and the interest rate, you can now proceed to having your loan approved. Loan approval is done online, making the entire process from loan application to approval completely an online process. We save you the stress of having to visit any of our offices to get your loan approval letter as you can simply get it online and print it to take to the car dealership.

Step 4 – Getting your car: Car loan of America does not just stop at loan approval, we provide assistance up till where you get your car. We work with a lot of car dealership all around the state and we can suggest a car dealership that will be suitable for you. This suggestion will be based on the contact address you entered in the loan application as we will try to find the nearest car dealership to you that has the type of car you want. The type of car you want also plays a role in suggesting the car dealership, whether new or used car or a specific brand, we do our best to make sure that we suggest a car dealership that offers what you need.

These four easy steps to getting our bad credit car loan are easy, fast and completely accessible online so that in a few minutes or hours after loan application you can be driving your new car out of your car dealership.

Why you should apply for our bad credit car loans

If you are not yet sure that Car loan of America bad credit loans is for you then you only need to go through these few points to decide.

  1. Car loan of America is fast: It only takes a few minutes to get our bad credit car loans with the steps mentioned above. The steps are designed to be fast and convenient by making sure that professionals give a fast response to all applications. If you are looking for a fast car loan service, then our four steps bad credit car loan is perfect for you.
  2. It is a 100% online process: Our bad credit car loan is convenient for you and you can apply online from anywhere and have it approved without having to visit the office. The 100% online process makes it easy and accessible at any time. If you are in need of a car loan service where you do not have to visit the loan office, Car loan of America bad credit car loan is right for you.
  3. We are willing to work with bad credit: Car loan of America will work with bad credit and no credit, therefore, you don’t have to endure being turned down by different loan agencies.
  4. Our interest rates are affordable: Our car loans are cheap with affordable interest rates and often negotiable loan terms.
  5. We are always within reach: There is always a professional to answer your questions when you call and clarify any ambiguity and so all you have to do is contact us.
  6. We work with a lot of car dealership around Columbus: Working with a lot of car dealership means that you are saved the stress of looking for a car dealership that has the kind of car you want. With our loan approval letter in hand and suggestions from our professionals, the right car dealership is just around the corner for you.

In conclusion, Car loan of America in Columbus offers car loans to you even if you have bad credit and we are just a click away. Apply for the bad credit car loan on the website and contact us for any questions, we are always willing to answer your questions.