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Unforeseen circumstance befalls us all, nobody plans for them, nobody prays for them, and no one ever thinks of such, but they happen. Probably that is why they are called unforeseen. An emergency situation is never scheduled for, but once they come up, you have to look for a solution. One practical solution to the emergency situation is having a car of your own. When you think of the solution, cars bring to an emergency situation. It is undoubtedly enormous. Let’s say for instance the big moment arrives- your loving wife is about to put to bed with your first child.

As impressive as having a child sounds, the thrills that happen moments before labor is quite hard. So she needs to get to the hospital as fast as possible, you call your friend who happens to be a family friend, but they happen to be on a road trip. You’re beginning to run out of option because you can stand seeing your wife in an agonizing pain of childbirth. So you had to wake your neighbor and beg him to use his car to transport your wife to the hospital. This example might sound extreme, but it happens, and it can be entirely avoidable, apparently not the childbirth but the car borrowing.

A car loan will be awarded to you and it can completely revamp your financial situation. At this point you might begin to doubt the possibility of this, since you get turned down by financial organization because of your poor financial history. At Car Loans of America, we see bad credit situation has a no-brainer situation it entails no other more profound thought than to provide you with a car. For a fact we get subvert scenarios such as the ones illustrated above, imagine if you had your own car then life becomes more comfortable. We are different from other financial company and this article discusses how we plant to salvage your bad credit situation.

How does bad credit affect a car loan?

A bad credit tells of individual creditworthiness. This is one-way financial company determines if an individual deserves a car loan. For clients who fall short of solvency might not get a car loan or they will need to meet up with specific requirements. Clients go through different financial situations which means circumstances vary as well. Another aspect is that clients have various sources of income which makes our monetary stance differs in every sense. This means auto lenders should not gauge the financial circumstance of clients with good credit to those with bad credit. Sometimes financial downturn doesn’t happen because we enjoy impulse buying or to fail to have a budget. Circumstances such as a surgical operation, ill health, foreclosure, and so on can turn a financial circumstance from good credit to the opposite. Car Loans of America knows that bad credit is not the end of life, same way something as abstract as bad credit shouldn’t define how you choose to live your life.

Do Your Due Diligence

A background check will help you determine if your finances can handle a car loan. Sometimes purchasing a car might not be as hard as keeping the car functional, not even when you have a financial company like Car Loans of America in Des Moines. Your best option is to verify your financial report before making such a massive commitment. The consumer protection financial bureau employs you to make out time to consider your credit score and report. As we move further in this article, we will have the understanding of a credit score and it parallel effect when getting a car loan.

Effect Of Credit Score On A Car Loan

One factor that can skyrocket your chance of getting a car loan from a financial company is your credit score. Though it’s not a deciding factor in getting a car loan it plays a huge role in the life of the loan. We reckon with helping you get back on the road to financial independence not snoop through your records for the obvious. The only reason we advise our esteemed clients in Des Moines to check their credit score is due to human errors. It is very well possible you should be out of that financial horror story, but the national agencies that compile your report might be making a repetitive mistake. The consumer protection financial bureau advice client to check out their credit report which contains their credit score.

How to earn a good credit score?

Getting a good credit score despite your financial downturn is feasible and achievable. When offered a car loan, ensure you meet up with the monthly payment and the principal loan amount as at when due. Binge use your credit card for shopping and desist from impulse buying. With all these measures in place, you might even get another loan and pay up within a short period.

Know Your Budget

Car Loans of America has made available handy tools that can help you know what you can afford for a car purchase. Our online budget calculator has helped clients to understand if a car purchase should surface in their budget. You can insert the monthly payment, principal loan amount, the apr to determine what you can afford for a car. It is good to put your monthly expense into consideration when making this financial commitment. Being an online tool, you can change those parameters as a situation changes to determine when you’re in a better position for a car purchase. A car loan lies primarily on two anchors the loan term and the apr. Let’s get an understanding of these two and their connection with a car loan.


Annual payment rates determine how much you will be paying on the life of a loan. It has a parallel effect on the monthly payment, principal loan amount and the down payment. A good apr means the client will enjoy paying back for the car loan. When the interest rate on loan is low, it becomes a walkover, quite easily done if you ask but all of this can only be achieved when there is a credit score. I will say that is one way some financial company considers giving back to the society. Here are some credit score and their corresponding interest rate.

  •    850 – 740: 3.2% auto loan rate
  •    739 – 680: 4.5% auto loan rate
  •    679 and below: 6.5 – 12.9% auto loan rate

The Ideology is that client with a credit score higher than 750 will get a smooth qualification and a good apr on the life of their loan. Clients with 650 and above will qualify but with not too good apr which ultimately implies that they might be paying more on loan. Your apr might be affected by various time factors such as competitive rate, current interest rate, special offers, and so on.

The Loan Term

This is the lifespan of the load or the period which it starts and ends. The loan term comes in short-term and long-term loan whichever works best for you. Sometimes a long-term loan can be more advantageous considering that a client can end up paying less on the monthly payment and the principal loan amount. Since it offers you a reasonable amount of time to pay back your loan while a short-term loan entails paying more since the period is limited. All these are theoretical assumptions which might only be useful on papers. In a case when the client has a bad credit which comes with a high apr, the loan payment might increase whether it is a long-term loan or a short-term loan. Presently in the financial industry, we are witnessing an increase in the loan term. On an average, a new car has a loan term of five years while other types of auto loan take five and a half year period. Despite this development, the interest rate still serves as an underlining factor in determining whether the scalability value of the monthly payment and the total loan amount.

How To Earn Your Qualification Despite Bad Credit

When Car Loans of America talked about “getting you a car loan with bad credit.” You might have doubted the credibility of that statement, considering how financial company has turned their back against you. We sincerely share your sentiment, but we don’t deal with empty promises. The testaments we’ve gotten from old clients in Des Moines is a speaks volume, and that gladdens our heart. Three means can help you get to the point of qualification just like clients with proper credit.

  • A Good Down Payment

To display a certain level of seriousness, clients utilize this means to get qualified for a car loan. With a decent down payment, you can get qualified for your car loan. Auto lenders see this as a show of commitment towards the loan, and they’re eager to help such clients get a car loan. The primary advantage is that you will be paying less on the monthly payment and the principal loan amount.

  • Your Present Car

Trading, with your current car, grants you an instant qualification for a car loan. The primary requirement is to have your car in excellent condition, ensure it is adequately insured, and the name on the auto title is the same as yours. With all of this in place, you’re on the path of becoming the owner of a new car. We strongly advise against submitting falsified documents as a way of getting your car traded. Car Loans of America puts in all effort in ensuring that you get the best service and we only inquire of you to kindly meet us halfway.

  • A Cosigner

For some auto lenders, having a cosigner is a specific requirement in getting a car loan. The purpose of the cosigner is someone that will bear the laden of your debt when you fail to make payment of the loan as at when expected. Your cosigner will be a person you sincerely trust. Some clients use a close relative as their cosigner. The CPFB provides document guidelines for both the clients and the cosigner, to be aware of the bearing effect of the loan on both parties.

Can bankruptcy intercede my chance of getting a car loan?

Notably, bankruptcy is a severe financial downturn; it takes a lot of guts to get back on the road to financial reform. With our years of experience, dealing with several clients, we’ve come to the understanding that financial problems are unplanned and can occur to anyone. This calls to mind the famous saying “that the rich also cry.” Clients with bankruptcy can get a car loan in Car Loans of America see bankruptcy as something transient that shouldn’t be seen as a roadblock. We have a car sitting right in the showroom of our auto lenders in the city of Des Moines.

Are banks reliable in case of bad credit?

Just as other auto lenders invites you to bring your financial worry to them, banks also do the same. But do they have your best interest? Banks put up a front by pretending to offer you a shoulder to rely on, but they won’t give you a loan due to your financial horror story. They prefer working with clients with a good credit which implies banks don’t fall into the cadre of auto lenders that can help clients with bad credit.

Check Our Web page For Best Auto Loan Deals

We’ve made our webpage easy to navigate through for our clients, getting signed up for a loan can happen in a minute. Car Loans of America cherish comfort, and that is what our mobile page is offering you exclusive comfort. You can register for your auto loan from your office, workplace, in your car, just any place you could think of with your mobile device. Here are the three primary steps of getting qualified.

  • Sign up by providing required details such as name and your contact information
  • You will get a congratulatory message on your qualification
  • There is a document which contains the terms of the car loan

You’re required to read every bit of information and take this document with when going to any of the listed auto dealers in the document. Our auto dealers in Des Moines have been working with us from years on, so they understand we offer the best of service to our client. This should keep your mind at ease that you will be getting the best of car deals from them.


With our milestone achievement in bringing smiles into the faces of our esteemed client in Des Moines by catering for their car. Be assured you’ve found yourself the right Financial partner.