Car loans Edinburg Texas is a trusted and reliable car loans lender, and who doesn’t love the peace that comes with doing business with a trusted business car loans company? Car loans Edinburg Texas is a subdivision of The Car Loans Of America, and we are in the business of giving car loans to individuals, regardless of their credit status.


We have a mission to ensure all individuals in Edinburg Texas gets a fair chance of getting a car loan, and no one should be exempted because of their credit status.


What Makes Me Qualified To Get A Car Loan From Car loans Edinburg Texas?


The first thing that makes you qualified is the fact that you want to purchase a car. After this, we can now talk about the mandatory rules you need to follow to get auto loans from car loans Edinburg Texas. Below are the rules;


  • 18 is the official age in America that allows an individual to have access to most of the social services. So, you must be up to 18 years before you can apply for an automobile loan at car loans Edinburg Texas.


  • You must have an America citizenship, or you must be a permanent resident of America.


  • You must provide a proof that you have a steady income, which you will use to repay the loan.


  • It must be confirmed that you are in the right state of mind during the time of applying for the loan at car loans Edinburg Texas.


Do car loans Edinburg Texas offer only car loans?


Car loans Edinburg Texas is not limited to just cars alone.  We understand that you might be a business owner, and a truck is what you need for the proper running of your business. So we offer auto loans of any vehicle whatsoever!


Get Loans For Bad Credit; How Do They Work?


Getting a car loan is not different from getting other types of loans too. The loan will be given to you so that you can use the money to purchase your car, and an agreement will be reached on how the loan will be repaid, and the interest rates that will be paid back too. All of which will be duly signed.


First of all, you will have to fill a bad credit application form on our website first, and we will also need to see proof of a steady stream of income. Which will be verified when you come to our office, the proof of income can be your paystub.

We will also need a proof that you are truly a resident of League Texas, this can be your home utility bill. As long as it has your address and other details on it.

You will also need to provide five different references, along with the details of the five people too, including their address. A copy of your driver’s license will also be required.


Give us a call today, and let our agents at car loans Edinburg Texas give you a proper guidance of the loan process.