At  CAR LOANS PORT ARTHUR TEXAS there are no endless lists of credit checks, financial record checks, and endless signing of documents. We make everything short, easy, and fast as possible.

If you desperately need cash to fund the purchase of a new or used car but have bad credit, simply apply to us and you will get the funds you need regardless of your bad credit. Our approval system is extremely fast. We are the best car financing company and are here for you.

We are a subsidiary of Car Loans Of America, and we make it much easier for you and other individuals to get a Car Loan from one of the leading automobile loan lenders in America.

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CAR LOANS PORT ARTHUR TEXAS have team members that are friendly, respectful. We are ready to answer whatever question you might have, and also attend you in the most polite way ever!


Bad Credit For Car Loan


CAR LOANS PORT ARTHUR TEXAS is a registered car loan giver. We are in the business of giving car loans to individuals, regardless of their credit status.


We have a mission to ensure all individuals in Port Arthur get a fair chance of getting a car loan. No one should be exempted because of their credit status.




  • You can fill our automobile loan form online from the comfort of your home.


  • We will also help you find reliable auto dealers that will help you get the car of your dreams.


  • At CAR LOANS PORT ARTHUR TEXAS, we will not charge you any extra fees apart from the agreed one.
  • Low-Interest Rates: our interest rates at CAR LOANS PORT ARTHUR TEXAS are ranked as one of the best in the car loans industry. Your welfare and your satisfaction is always our main concern at CAR LOANS PORT ARTHUR TEXAS. We realized we shouldn’t add to your financial situation by implementing a high-interest rate. So we made our interest rates at CAR LOANS PORT ARTHUR TEXAS low, so you can pay back easily.
  • Fast Loan Approval: At CAR LOANS PORT ARTHUR TEXAS, we understand that you have many things to do with your time. So once you submit your application, we only ask the necessary questions. We also request that you sign the necessary documents too, and you get approval for the loan the same day.


  • Partnership With Registered Car Dealers: We have a network of registered car dealers that can help you get the car you want. There are no extra charges at all.
  • Friendly Repayment Option: We offer customers an easy repayment option. We do not want our customers to be under any pressure as to how the loan will be repaid. So we come up with easy repayment terms.


Do I Need To Have A Job To Qualify?


It’s not compulsory for you to have a job before you qualify for the loan. However, it is good because it gives you an added advantage if you do. You must show a verifiable stream of income like pension, retirement benefits, annuities, etc. This shows you have the capacity to pay back the loan.


Are you still contemplating about giving us a call today? Hurry and do, let’s plan on how to get your car for you?