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Thinking of traveling on the road? We have some road trips tips for you!

Traveling on the road can be a fun experience for some people and can also be a sad experience to others. The only solution to enjoying your road trip is by traveling through the safest and fastest route. In the US, there are more than 20 popular road trip routes, but I will like to discuss 7 of them.

  1. Down East Maine

Heading out on coastal Route 1, otherwise known as the lobster trail, you definitely won’t be traveling north. You can begin your journey in Kittery- which is near Bob’s clam hut where you can get a little bit of sustenance when exhausted. Down east the roads hug the Rocky coastline through the fishing villages of quaint New England like Rockland and Belfast.

  1. The blue ridge parkway

A journey of about 469-mile drive which connects both the Shenandoah in Virginia and the North Carolina smoky mountains- is the most popular road controlled by the national parks system in the US. Beginning at the Front Royal in Virginia, travel through the skyline drive down to Luray Caverns and the Natural Bridge on the south going into North Carolina, where you can stop briefly in Asheville so as to see the great smoky mountains attractions.

  1. Pacific coast highway of California

You can decide to drive through the California longest highway south to north or North to South along the Pacific coastline. Both routes consist of about 653 miles beginning from Dana point which is located in the Orange County down to Leggett in the county of Mendocino.

  1. The North Carolina outer banks

It is advisable to take this drive while you still can as the North Carolina route 12, otherwise known as the outer bank’s highway has suffered some serious extreme weather disaster with hurricanes spoiling the roadway. This has happened over the past decade. The route begins at the Bodie lighthouse and follows through the small spits land that makes up the barrier island. This barrier island protects the mainland of North Carolina from the Atlantic ocean.

  1. The Olympic Peninsula of Washington

300 miles that cut across the Olympic Peninsula and has beautiful scenery. If you love hiking, you will definitely enjoy traveling through this place as it has enough stopping points for hikers.

  1. Route 66

At over 2000 to 2500 miles, route 66 is popular for its roadside attractions like the Texas Cadillac ranch and the huge sculpture of Abe Lincoln.

  1. The Enchanted circle byway in New Mexico

Also known as the land of enchantment, it features archaic towns as well as the highest mountain of New Mexico. It is an 84-mile journey by road.

Los Angeles best road trips.

Apart from the beautiful views and adventurous places in L.A, one amazing thing is the ability to travel at any moment. Get in your car, hit up some road trip songs and hit the road to somewhere new. From weekend excursions to long vacations, here is a list of some of the best road trips to embark on in Los Angeles.

  1. Palm Springs

A fast and easy trip from L.A, traveling to palm springs is one the best road trip to embark on. You can pass through miles of wind farms, look out for artificial carved creatures on the side of the road and famous roadside attractions. Upon arriving in Palm Springs, you can view the map of the modernist structure at the Albert Frey visitor’s center for a self-guided tour around the town.

  1. The Joshua tree

This is among the most magical places in Los Angeles. The alien landscapes and archaic Joshua trees are some impressive road tripsviews to look out while driving. You can stop around to listen to live music during midday. You can also listen to the howl of wild coyotes at night if you plan on spending the night in their camp.

  1. The king’s canyon national and Sequoia parks.

Just like the Joshua tree, the giant redwoods is another tree, that tree lovers find very attractive. Traveling through these gentle giants is an interesting experience that can be had within the Sequoia park and on your road trip. The Sequoia driveway is really amazing as they have beautiful things to look at like the General Sherman tree which is the longest in the world and the Tharp’s log, a small home built inside a collapsed tree. Always check about this resort before going. During summer season some roads are closed due to the risk of wildfires in that vicinity.

Best summer road trips in America.

Embarking on a road trip during the summer period in America can be quite interesting. It has a unique feeling. You can check some of America’s beautiful scenery in museums. They also have some interesting towns that can be visited. If you are considering visiting anyone, we have put together a few road trips to inspire you.

  1. The famous Alaska highway

The trip is about 1,459 miles and has no shortage of beautiful scenery and wildlife. Though most of its sections are still under construction, it is still one of the most beautiful places to visit while embarking on a road trip.

  1. The blue ridge parkway

Just like the name implies, the blue ridge parkway has an abundance of beautiful scenery and wildlife. It also has a lot of ancient sites which can be seen while driving. You can see Some of the oldest mountains in the world and also has a crescent moon that constantly shines above a church in the national park of the Great Smoky Mountains.

  1. The lonely road: Colorado down to Lake Tahoe.

This is another beautiful place to check out while embarking on a road trip. It is called the “loneliest road in America” because it cuts across a largely barren landscape which has never be inhabited by anyone. The 1,066-mile journey from Colorado down to Lake Tahoe will give you enough scenery satisfaction as you get to see new and amazing things like the Rockies, blue-lakes, beautiful wildflowers and many other things.


The best bucket-list road trips.

Jamie Jensen, a popular author of “The road trip the USA” talks about important steps to take before voting. He states that people who have the intention to vote should drive across town States and country and see the people inhabiting such places. He also encourages a slow and steady journey. The motive of traveling is to get lost and be refreshed.

He goes ahead to share some of his favorite routes, and I’ll briefly elaborate on 3 of them.

  1. The Texas hill country Hideaways

A place with brilliant road construction and appropriate two-lane highways is the hill country hideaways. It is located In the middle of nowhere and has an elemental landscape.

Road trip tip:

If possible visit utopia which has tiny and beautiful trees, lakes and rivers. Jensen likes this place to a paradise. You can be comfortable as there are beds to stay in.

  1. The Great river road, from Minnesota to Louisiana

If you really want to appreciate the power of the Mississippi River, take a drive from the North to the south. The Mississippi road trips melRiver is where the West begins. Take a break and plan your trip in advance so as to visit the Wisconsin hilly terrain to the delta region of New Orleans.

Road trip tip:

For baseball lovers,  you can take a stop and watch the St Louis Cardinals baseball competition which is held at the Busch Stadium.  This stadium is located near the river. You will both enjoy the beautiful river scenery and the baseball game.

    1. The Miami to key West overseas highway

Traveling through this route is like piloting a helicopter across the ocean. It was earlier constructed for the Florida railway but was later cleared off due to the hurricane in 1935. The highway is surrounded by water. Though it’s just a short drive, you can make it more remarkable by stopping at seafood dives to meet some fishermen and enjoy some kinds of seafood.

Road trip tip:

Dolphins are found in the sea located in Islamorada. You can take a break and swim with the dolphins as they are completely friendly.


Too 3 most incredible USA road trip.

All the crossroads starting from the Louise and Thelma to the Britney Spears and Rainman have all taught us that embarking on a road trip in the United States of America is among one of the most interesting things that you can ever think off. A car and some group of friends is all you need. In a country so big, they are many routes that will leave you with beautiful experiences, but I’ll like to list just a few of them.

  1. Route 66

The route 66 kicks off in the Lake Michigan and needs just about two weeks to finish touring. But if you really want to enjoy it to the full, it is advisable to give yourself a month. A lot of beautiful sights awaits you starting from the Americas ancient church known as the St Joseph church down to the worlds biggest rocking chair located in Missouri.


  1. The Great river road- Mississippi

Can there be any river greater than the Mississippi? If yes, then it is definitely not in America. If you decide to travel right beside the Great River, your journey can cut across ten states.

Traveling through this great river brings thousands of interesting experiences and funfairs.  There are enough river towns like the Rosedale and the Greenville where you can stay for a night. Traveling down to New Orleans also gives you an opportunity to enjoy the sweet sound of jazz.


  1. The overseas highway

Spending days journeying in a car can really be exhausting. If possible try a mini road trip. The overseas highway is just the best to consider. It only takes about 3 -4 hours to reach its location. You can also see two of Florida beach as the road links them up.

This road trip experience is one in a million as you will feed your eyes with enough interesting things.


United States of America best Road trips.

Traveling through countries in the US can be interesting and also very scary. When you travel from New Orleans, you enter a country called “Bayou.” In this country, alligators are found in swamps which can be very dangerous for traveling immigrants.road trips family

You don’t need to be worried as regards the best route to take in order to enjoy your vacation. We have compiled a list of trusted routes to take when planning for your vacation. You can see interesting wildlife animals, spectacular landscapes and roller coasters all to make your journey a memorable one.

  1. The Vermont route 100.

Popularly known for its delicious ice cream and its fall foliage is the Vermont arena. It also has great mountains to explore while driving. The route 100 bisects the Massachusetts border from the store south. If you are also looking for the best scenery, you can visit the town’s Weston and Waitsfield.

Where to stop:

In case you are looking for a good place to stop, you can check the Gifford woods state which provides enough beautiful spots to park.

  1. The U.S route 9, New York

This United States route runs about 300 miles starting from Delaware down to the United States Canadian border. Fresh foods are being produced in the local markets. If you are traveling through this route, you can take your time and glance through the Gilded Age estates and the massive Vanderbilt mansion.

Where to stop :

If you are considering stopping to get something to eat or drink, you can visit the ancient Hyde park. Farmers are commonly found in this park. You can also visit the farm distillery of harvest spirit to get a bottle of Apple brandy.

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Making advance preparation and taking necessary precautions will make your road trip memorable.