New & Used Car Loans

At Car Loans of America we provide car loans for people that are looking to purchase a pre-owned or a new vehicle. We can get you the auto loans that you need, even if you have bad credit.  Applying for auto loans with us can get you approved for the bad credit car loan that you need regardless of your credit score.

Need a car and intend to buy one sooner than later?

Wondering how bad credit auto loans can help?

Hoping to experience the joy that comes with owning your own car?

Do you happen to have enough cash to make a complete down payment?

Above all, is it your dream to buy a car of your own?

Auto Refinance

Finally, you can easily purchase the car of your dreams with a bad credit car loan from Car Loans of America. Owning a car has become a lot easier. Getting you preapproval from us will let you know and the dealer knows how much you can spend. This will make the entire car buying experience much easier!

With our bad credit auto loans and bad credit auto refinancing, you can purchase the car that you want. Car loans or an auto loan can give you the opportunity to get the funds you need to buy a car or vehicle.

Exploring Car Financing Options

Regardless what type of car whether it is a new car or a used/ pre-owned one, Car Loans of America can help you explore this car financing option, taking the hindrance of a low credit score off your chest.

As we try to settle our diverse customers, we also offer loans to cover any type of vehicle purchase, including truck loans. This is to ensure that even business organizations that desire to make their means of transportation easier and faster get their desires granted. Simply put, we can help you own a truck for your business in a fast and straightforward process.

Car Loans with bad credit

Buying a Car With Bad Credit Auto Loans

Buying a car, vehicle or truck wherever you are in America is as simple as A, B, C. As being one of the leading auto loan companies in the nation in US we have an online presence that you can find near you.

Applying for an auto loan and financing your purchase of any automobile of your choice is now completely easy and stress-free, no matter what your credit looks like!

Car Loans of America Customers Come First

At Car Loans of America, we consider our customers as kings in charge of their desires. We can give you a bad credit auto loan anytime, any day with our efficient auto loan process. Car Loans of America bad credit auto financing covers bad credit auto loans on all vehicle types. Car financing through an auto loan has never been easier:

• It’s fast.
• Highly simplified.
• All credit levels can easily qualify.

Our goal is to ensure that people with bad credit get a fair chance of securing an auto loan. By joining Car Loans of America you can be a proud owner of a car, vehicle or a truck. You will also get to see off the loan term at your own comfort and convenience!

If your credit is bad, you will get a chance of rebuilding your credit again.

car loans pride ownership

The benefits of having an auto loan or truck loan with us go beyond your imaginations. Ranging from our very friendly customer service to our expertise in giving you a hassle-free car loan.

We are experts in bad credit auto loans, so you are in good hands when you come to us for your car, truck or vehicle financing.

Book an appointment with us today and enjoy a pleasurable car loan experience whether your credit is poor or bad.

American citizens that have insufficient funds to buy a car they desire or at least purchase a used car can now get a car loan. However, it’s not all about getting a car loan or a vehicle loan.

An understanding of what bad credit auto loans are and how car loans work is also paramount to maximizing this car financing option.

Car Loans for Bad Credit – How Do They Work?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How do car loans work?”

Just like any other form of personal loan, an auto loan is a cash advance solely for the purpose of buying an automobile.

The cash you receive from the auto loan is to be used to purchase the car, vehicle, truck or van you intend to buy.

You will get the bad credit auto loans with an agreement to repay the amount borrowed with interest. Simply make the payments on a monthly basis until you completely pay off the auto loan.

Car loansAs you must have already observed, car loans are also popularly called auto loan, vehicle loans or car financing. Usually, car loans follow the same principle as other forms of loans where a lender gives the borrower a certain sum of money. It is expected to have repaid the amount within the certain date.

Car Loans Are Not Directly Secured Loans.

Meaning that you do require a collateral to get one – but not directly. Basically, you are issued this loan based on your trustworthiness to fully repay the loan. However, the collateral for getting a car loan is the car or vehicle you are purchasing itself.

If you fail to properly service the loan and make regular payments, your car could be repossessed and auctioned to clear the debts. This is what scares people with bad credit, but with us you’re in safe hands.

We understand the struggles and difficulties you are facing due to your poor credit history. This is why our bad credit auto loans process is structured majorly for people with bad credit. We offer the best car loans for bad credit to consumers all throughout the United States.

There are six simple steps involved in the car loan process

Step 1. Qualify for the car loan
Step 2. Determine the value of the car you need
Step 3. Apply for the car loan
Step 4. Get an auto loan approval
Step 5. Fix an appointment with us
Step 6. Select the car you want to buy

After you’ve signed the necessary documents and agreement – You will receive preapproval, and then get your check with funds to purchase your car. You have the right to drive the car freely and the pink slip or title will be in your name. Although, the car is not yet yours until you see out the loan payment terms as agreed.

When applying for an auto loan, we expect that you indicate how much you want to borrow.car loans apply now This amount should include the cost of the vehicle plus other additional costs that come with buying and registering a car.

Example: Sales tax and vehicle registration fee at the DMV.

Your Credit Record

We will also ask you to provide information about your financial situation and credit record. How much you earn monthly and your current credit score will determine your car buying options.

Usually, we request proof that you actually earn regularly and this could be in the form of a pay stub, copy of a tax return or bank payment slip.

The reason for these requirements is to ensure that your income can comfortably service the auto loan terms that will be agreed. These requirements are so you get a great car loan deal that you can comfortably afford.

As a result, this enables us to find a convenient prepayment plan for you. We’ll be sure that it’ll suit your unique financial situation.

Get Fast and Easy Auto Loans with Bad Credit All Over the United States

Car Loans of America is a registered and trusted auto loan lender in the United States.

California is the biggest area that we operate within. We have locations on the best part of the state. We have a beautiful Los Angeles location based in Koreatown, California.

For residents further South of Los Angeles, we have an Orange County office.

A Riverside office located far east of Los Angeles.

We also have a San Diego location if you live in the region closest to the border.

Not in the state of California? Don’t worry! We also service some of the biggest cities and states throughout the US. These include:

  • Our auto loans can help residents of Phoenix, Arizona take that long awaited road trip to Las Vegas!
  • Auto refinancing can help car owners in Houston, Texas lower their current monthly loan payments!
  • Experience more of what Chicago, Illinois has to offer by funding a vehicle
  • We have an office within the lovely and luxurious city of Miami, Florida.
  • The Big Apple and home of the Statue of Liberty, we have offices in New York that can get you into the car of your dreams quickly!

We’re interested in serving everyone in need of the best auto loan deal to buy a car or vehicle – including customers who intend to own trucks but are being limited by bad credit.

Poor Credit Car Loans

At Car Loans of America, we have options for people who are seeking poor credit car loans, too! We do our best to assist potential borrowers of credit tiers and income levels.

Ideally, if you’re a potential car buyer seeking poor credit car loans we ask that you have the following:

  • Steady Job – Having a job for at least one year provides lenders with the peace of mind in that the potential borrower has a reliable source of income. Most lenders lean towards borrowers who have been at their current job for around 2-3 years.
  • Verifiable Income – Like a steady job, providing your monthly income helps identify if you make enough to follow up with your monthly payment. With no credit auto loans providing a sufficient income level can replace the need to have credit upon application
  • Down Payment – Having a down payment when applying for no credit car loans can drastically change your overall outcome in getting approved. It minimizes  your monthly payments and proves to auto lenders that you’re committed and ready to make the financial commitment that comes with purchasing a vehicle.

Getting Poor Credit Auto Loans – It’s Possible!

At the end of the day, having (good) credit will help you. But, if you haven’t established your credit history, consider Car Loans of America as they provide poor credit car loans to potential car buyers across the United States. Getting a no credit auto loan adds history to your credit report. Not only does it add ‘new’ depth, but it gives you the opportunity to rebuild your credit assuming you make your payments on time!

Remember, getting no credit auto loans can be truly difficult, but it surely isn’t impossible. If need be, you can ask family and friends as they’re a great place to look for help in financing a vehicle, especially if you have no credit. If they can’t afford to give you the entire loan, consider them as a potential co-signer for your auto loans with bad credit.

Bad credit auto loans

Approach us today and watch us surprise you!

At Car Loans of America, we do our best to offer the most efficient and satisfactory auto loan customer service to our esteem clients. This is why getting a car loan with us is very simple and fast. Our car loan application process is designed to eliminate all the unnecessary bottlenecks and bureaucracies that has over flooded the auto loan market.

Not only do we offer better automobile financing service for your car or vehicle purchase. Our list of available car dealers makes it easier to have the particular car you wish to own in the shortest possible time.

For more information please visit our blog to get useful tips for your car loan.

Come to any of our car loans offices scattered across the U.S. or simply do an online bad credit auto loan application. You will get the best bad credit car loan experience at the best credit auto loan rate you have ever imagined.

Please give us a call on our free-toll line. One of our car loan representatives will be available to guide you accordingly through the auto loan application process. We provide top-notch service when it comes to your auto loan application and related questions!

Low Credit Score? Don’t Worry!

Having an established credit is important before most financial institutions. Banks and credit unions are more likely to consider funding your desire to own a car.
It is a huge hassle, however, to qualify for a conventional car loan with them.

Here’s the Good News

So, when we check your credit, it’s mainly to establish if you can repay the auto loan we’re giving you. Your creditworthiness and credit history is a function of your credit score. The FICO evaluation system places a score on your credit status, and it is this score that tells if your credit is good, poor or bad.

credit scoreUsually, it’s easier to get a loan approval when your credit score is high, but with a low credit score, your chances are slim, especially with traditional lenders.

Understanding FICO Scores

With a FICO score of 700 and above, which is considered perfect credit, getting a car loan is easy. You’ll enjoy certain privileges and lower rates.

For example; with a 700+ FICO score, you get a car loan at an APR as low as 3% and you enjoy a longer loan repayment period. You will also enjoy a lower down payment and have more negotiation power up your sleeves since your credit is considered platinum.

A FICO score ranging from 600 to 699 is still a good credit. You get a loan period up to 48 months and an APR as low as 10%. Your down payment is still relatively low and you also enjoy some other discounts too.

With a credit score of 600 and above, the least auto loan amount you will get is $20,000. However, not everybody is privileged to have amazing credit. Our car loans are basically for every credit situation.

If your credit score is low or not so great, don’t feel dejected. There is a way out for you, and a bad credit auto loan from Car Loans of America is what you need.

Get an Auto Loan with Bad Credit

Usually, it becomes difficult to get car loans from conventional lending institutes if your credit score is low or if you have a bad credit.

With a FICO score less than 600, you barely stand a chance with a traditional lender. This is where we come to your rescue. Your credit is never a yardstick for getting a car loan from us, because we work with even if you have bad credit.

Car Loans of America Auto Loan Policies

At Car Loans of America, we offer auto loans to people with bad credit, and we make sure that your credit (whether bad or poor) doesn’t stand in your way of driving the car of your dreams. Our car loan policies are well fashioned to meet your financial needs, irrespective of your credit. We have grown to be the best bad credit auto financing company in the US.Bad Credit Car Loans

With our trusted dealers, you will be driving that car you want in no time, even with a bad credit. We also understand the challenge in getting a car loan when you have no credit history at all.

We know the difficulty involved in establishing credit for the first time and that it takes time to build a credit history too.

Our Mission at Car Loans of America

Helping you buy a car with our auto loan that is customized to suit your credit situation is our mission.
At this point, you already know that if you have a bad credit, you can neither get a car loan nor a truck loan from any traditional financial institution as a result of their need for a good credit score (above 600).

It’s not the end yet. We specialize in bad credit car loans, and it is because of clients like you we are in the process of helping you get your loan. This is ensure that you can have the comfortable life you desire, owning the car or truck you want – perfect credit or not.

Having Poor or Bad Credit is not a Good Thing.

It will also be unfair to let it stop you from having that nice car you intend to have. So regardless of your credit status or profile, fill out our online application form and if that your dream automobile meets our standards financing, then you are sure to have the best bad credit auto loan deal.

Though we do auto financing with no credit, you also have the option of getting a cosigner, a co-borrower or co-applicant. This person should be creditworthy to improve your chances of being approved swiftly. Your co-signer could be a family member, a friend or colleague at work.

The cosigner fulfills or plays the role of helping out with the loan terms if a default occurs, you fail to keep up with the agreement term. The co-borrower or co-applicant also gives us – your lender additional assurance that the loan money will be repaid eventually and on schedule.

Getting a loan is much easier with a co-applicant

Getting a car or truck loan is much easier with a cosigner who has a good credit report, as your portfolio gets credit because of the shared rights as a joint borrower. The better part of what we offer is that build your credit over time while making your monthly payments. We will submit the necessary data to the relevant credit bureau, meaning that we help you build or rebuild your credit in the long run.

Considering putting some of your funds together for a down payment

What is a down payment, you ask? A down payment is the amount of cash or trade equity you’re willing to put upfront when financing a car or automobile. This down payment will affect the overall amount you’ll be paying monthly towards the car.

The more money you have available to put down upfront at the dealership, you’ll be paying far less monthly in the long-term. Though it’s not always necessary, it’s highly advised to have up to at least 30% of the car value.

Poor credit, bad credit or no credit at all?

Build or rebuild your credit with our bad credit car loan today! So you see, Car Loans of America is the right place to get an auto loan with bad credit, poor credit or no credit at all. You are sure to have whatever car you wish to have, whatever may be your credit status. Our partners and our dealers are scattered all over the country when you’re working with us.

Auto Loan with Bad Credit

How to Qualify for Bad Credit Auto Loans

Before you can even proceed to get a bad credit auto loan, you have to first qualify for the car loan. To qualify for a vehicle loan, you must meet the following conditions;
• You must be an American citizen of at least 18 years and above
• You must have a verifiable income stream
• Earn up to $1,200 monthly after tax deduction
• You don’t need to have a perfect credit (all credit types can qualify; bad poor or no credit at all)

How to Get a Bad Credit Car Loan Step by Step

Car Loans of America has made owning cars and trucks easier for individuals everywhere. You only have to meet a few stipulations then your application will be approved.

Here is a step by step process of how you can get a bad credit auto loan with Car Loans of America. The first and most important step is for you to declare your interest in getting an auto loan by applying for an auto loan with us.

This is now even easier since you can quickly fill out our online application form by visiting our website, visit any of our car loan offices near you, or give us a call at your own convenience. When you approach us, our customer service representative will be waiting to guide you accordingly.

You will be asked a couple of questions. These questions will enable our team of auto loan professionals to serve you better.

What You Need to Get a Bad Credit Auto Loan

Once you have declared your interest and filed a formal bad credit auto loan application, you will have to provide some other car loan requirements too.

These documents that will be required of you include

• Proof of your income. (pay stubs, bank payment slips or tax returns).Girl approved for auto loan
• Authorized Driver’s license – Authorized means of identification (not your social security number)
• Proof of where you live. (utility bills, rent receipts or any legal document with your address on it.)
• Five references
• Your permission and agreement to insure the car
• You will also be required to file a credit application

Consumers considering an auto loan must plan ahead.

Planning ahead entails you sorting out ways in which you intend to repay the loan. In thinking of a loan that is good and right for you, you have to really consider your income. Again, you must put the overall cost of the vehicle into consideration.

Like we earlier mentioned, with bad credit auto loans and truck loans, the overall cost of the vehicle includes the principal amount borrowed.

The interest accrued for the period of the auto loans, taxes and other vehicle fees that may come with owning an automobile. You get a pre-approval once you have met these stipulations.

Then the next step is finding the right dealer with the right car or truck you desire to own. Usually, once you have been approved, you will be given a list of recommended dealerships. These auto dealerships are easily accessible based on your location in the US to facilitate a quicker and efficient car shopping process.

We also have a vast number of bad credit car dealerships across America that you can choose from!

How Long is a Car Loan?

The length of a car loan with bad credit can vary dependent on lender and your current financial situation. There are two types of auto loans; short-term and long-term. Typically, car loan terms last between the ranges of 36 – 72 months, per lender agreement. Both have their upsides and downsides, so it’s highly advised you do your research, compare multiple lenders and shop around when looking to buy a car with bad credit.

The Ability to Get Bad Credit Auto Loans with Prior Bankruptcy

Uncertainties in life might put you in a tight corner financially, but don’t let that hinder you from getting an auto loan. The fact that you’ve gone bankrupt doesn’t mean you do not deserve a second chance!

Bankruptcy is one ordeal no one wants to go through.

If you are short of cash after you have wiped out your credit score by filing out for bankruptcy and still need to buy a car. We can always consider you for car financing even after bankruptcy.

With our Car Loans of America, you have a chance to get the cash you need to fund your car purchase and rebuild your credit without worrying about rejection when requesting your bad credit auto loans. Our financers and dealers are very understanding, and we will work together to see that your financial future is way better.

Debt.org may recommends that you go for a secured credit card, and gradually pay it off over a 12-months period so that you will rebuild your credit before you can get a car loan.

With Car Loans of America, the case is different. Besides, bad credit auto loans after bankruptcy helps to improve your credit score.

Applying for an auto loan after bankruptcy with Car Loans of America takes just a few minutes. Once you receive the auto loan approval, you can begin shopping for the car you need.

Car Loans of America – First Time Car Buyer Auto Loan

If you’re a first time buyer seeking an auto loan for your first car, Car Loans of America is here to help! We’ve assisted thousands of first-time buyers throughout the U.S. get their first car loan. This, in turn led to our these customers buying their first cars! We’ve made the process easy and seamless with an enthusiastic customer support team who’s already to lend a helping hand.

Even if you’re a first time buyer looking to apply for a car loan with bad credit, we have loan options and terms that’ll fit your needs. No credit, bad credit, average credit or great credit are all accepted. Car Loans of America has plenty of auto loan options to suit you and are tailored to help you long-term!

We also have plenty of options for the more experienced drivers seeking to add to their car collection. Same can be said for those who supplement one for their significant other or younger ones.

Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH)

As a consumer, most of us can’t afford to buy a car with cash. Borrowing money and getting a car loan from auto companies is an option many choose. This isn’t the case, however, for those with bad credit as some financial institutions remain weary when lending money to an applicant with poor credit or no credit at all. If you don’t have the means to buy a car that suits your needs outright with the inability to get financed by a bank or dealership then your options are truly limited.

For some, the last resort when seeking the ability to purchase a vehicle is through a buy here pay here dealership.

Know in advance that you’ll be overpaying for the car with higher interest rates and an over-extended payment plan that can leave a gaping hole in your wallet. This benefits the dealership all around as they’ll be obtaining more money from you.

What is Buy Here Pay Here?

First of all, if you’ve done your proper research, or found yourself in the last resort scenario, it’s likely you’ve heard of the term Buy Here Pay Here.

Buy here pay here dealerships are automotive dealerships that not only sell vehicles but they also act as a bank by providing those with bad credit with the dealerships ‘in-house’ financing. Typically, interest rates at buy here pay here dealerships are much higher than other lending alternatives and options. Also, customers will be making car payments directly to the dealership.

As a consumer, you should know that there are auto loan options even with bad credit

Can you get a car loan with bad credit? Yes!

At Car Loans of America, we give you the option to obtain a car loan with poor credit. We will run a credit check, however, we’re taking a look at your payment histories and if you have the ability to pay back the loan you’re applying for. No matter what, we at Car Loans of America, are here to help you get the car of your dreams!

Apply for Online Auto Loans

If you’ve been looking to apply for auto loans online, then look no further! Applying for auto loans online with Car Loans of America is simple, quick and we have a fast auto loan approval process. Your information will be processed immediately and you’ll find out if you’re approved within minutes of submitting your online car loan applications. When you apply for auto loans online with Car Loans of America, all credit types are welcomed! Our online car loan applications are tailored to get you arpproved within minutes and on the road in no time.

If applying for auto loans online isn’t something you’d want to do, don’t worry. Alternatively, you can give us a call at (844) 243-4437 and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be more than happy to help you throughout the auto loan application process. Rest assured, when you’re applying for online auto loans through our online car loan applications, by phone, or in person, we’re here to help you!

How long do online car loan applications take?

With Car Loans of America, the online auto loan application process is extremely simple and straightforward. Our system will process your application. This will help determine if you’re pre-qualified for our online car loans within minutes. You’ll need the checklist of items which includes your driver’s license, proof of income, proof of residency and personal references. Above all, it’s a good idea to have a down payment ready and available when purchasing a car.

Rest assured, your privacy and security are important to us. Our online auto loans application form is verified as secured.

Where to look for car loans online – Car Loans of America

When looking for car loans online, you should definitely do your proper research. How to start you search, what you need to get the loan, the types of loans you can get – all are subjects of matter that you’ll need to take into account when looking for car loans online.

Here at Car Loans of America we’ve done the research for you and can assist you in getting a car loan online!

Our Auto Loan Calculator is Available to Assist You With an Estimate

Finding the best auto loan company for your car financing can save you lots of money. Especially when you use an auto loan calculator to estimate a car loan plan that will fit your budget. The Car Loans of America auto loan calculator can help you find out how the car loan interest rates and car loan terms can affect your monthly payments.

Our auto loan calculator requires some vital data to ascertain the dollar amount you can afford with us. If you’d like to estimate your car loan rates be sure to use our auto loan calculator today!

This calculated car loan data includes:

• Loan amount (the amount of money you are borrowing) which comprises of the cost of the car or vehicle, car registration cost, tax and other additional charges associated with buying a car.
• Loan term (the duration of the loan term).
• The auto loan Rate (expressed as an APR)Car Loan Calculator

By inputting these details into our vehicle loan calculator and varying the parameters, you’re better informed on how much you can afford.

Certainly, our auto loans calculator is a necessary tool if you desire to get the best car loan.

Also, consumers are able to estimate and have a good idea of what your monthly payment plan. With this estimate, we can find the right car for you. We get you preapproved in no time, and then you proceed to shop for your car or vehicle.

Bad Credit Auto Loans Rates from Car Loans of America

An auto loan policy differs between car loan lenders, and so does the auto loan interest rates. It is important to seek out a low rate auto loan before you buy the car you want. There are lots of bad credit auto loan companies close to you. You need to choose the best auto loan interest rate.

Something that keeps us at the top of the ranks is our cheaper car loan rates. You can conveniently take out our car loans without worrying about unbearable car loan interest rates and rigid terms.

If your credit is bad, and you need a car loan at competitive rates and affordable monthly payments, then Car Loans of America is the auto loan lender for you. Our car loan rates depend on factors like your credit score, monthly income, loan duration and your choice of car or vehicle.Car Loans

Certainly, you can be sure of getting the best bad credit car loan rates with us. At Car Loans of America, we are sure to provide you with far competitive car loan interest rates.

Benefits of Getting Bad Credit Car Loans with Car Loans of America

As an auto lender, it’s our duty to ensure Americans receive the best financing when it comes to bad credit auto loans. For this reason, we remain the best car loan company in America for you, employing all our expertise to ensure that the car loan experience you get is the best and second to none.

The advantages of auto loan car financing with Car Loans of America include;

• Easy application and fast auto loan approval
• Flexible car loan payment terms – up to 48 months repayment duration.
• Access to affordable and competitive auto loan APRs (not more than 24 %)
• Access to our comprehensive dealer/partner network to help you find the car that suits you
• Friendly and effective customer service
• No credit limitations. There is always an auto loan for a good, fair or bad credit rating.
• Zero hidden charges
• No bankruptcy limitations
• No mileage or age limit for our used car auto loan

Therefore, if you have more questions visiting our faq page will give you the answers you are looking for.

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